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(Specially from Paris.)

First FIGURE.-Evening toilet dress of formed of laceinsertion and ribbon, or rows of lace. mauve faye silk, with a round skirt, the widths They are also made to wear with high silk dresses, of whicn are all gored. Body plain, buttoned in which case they are of a bright contrasting with amethysts. Tight sleeves. Velvet Polo- colour, made without folds, and trimmed on the naise of a darker shade of mauve, cut as a bas- edge with points of satin, velvet, lace, or fringe. quine, with the seams on the slant. The corse- Sashes have become very important items of let and widths of the skirt are cut together dress, and often very expensive ones. Tulle without any joining at the waist. Page sleeves scarfs are frequently fastened on the shoulders in the mediæval style. All the edges of the and knotted over the skirt on a thin evening Polonaise are bordered with swansdown. dress: the effect is very airy and graceful.

Second FIGURE.-Ball toilet composed of Dresses for the street are worn (at will) a dress with a first skirt of white salin, trimmed either long or short, but are always very flat in with three flounces laid in fan-plaits, and having appearance. a head separated by a blond insertion, laid on In dress materials we have a variety of popblue satin ribbon. A second skirt of tulle, in lins, reps, velours, and winseys; also a tissue of the tunic shape, bordered by a flounce, matching two shades of brown, blue, violet, and green on those of the first skirt, but narrower; at the a darker shade, which gives a changeable effect side a flood (how else can one translate fleuve ?), to the material. in the sense of flowing satin ribbon, interrupted There are fabrics termed metallic, composed to follow the image, by a tuft of white narcissi, of woollen material woven with threads of gold with Bismarck foliage. White satin body or silver; but I doubt their popularity. trimmed at top with a tulle plaiting, and accom- The dyes of the season are more brilliant than panied by a Marie Antoinette fichu of tulle, ever: in silks and satins this is especially bordered by narrow flounces, trimmed, like the evident. In purples we find shades of misty skirt, with blue satin ribbon. Coiffure orna- violet, descending to the deepest tones of the mented with narcissi, fastened by rolled blue richest pansy. In greens we have the Azof, satin cross-strips.

luminous, chemical, and golden-green, someThe Marie-Antoinette fichu continues in great thing like that of an Indian beetle's wing; favour for evening dress. They are pointed at while the yellows vary from the palest canary the back like a small cape; the fronts, some- to flaming orange or brilliant gold colour ; and times laid in plaits, cross over the breast, and the blues range from torquoize to rich dark fasten or tie at the back with long ends. Some are Dagmar.

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POETRY accepted, with thanks. “ The Light. “M. K., Cork."--We have not forgotten our proBearers;” True and F'est ;" Lines ;'

* The mise to this lady, but, not being able to consult a Suny Face,”

general index, we are compelled to postpone the Decliard, with theks.--" The low;”. “If I might

fultilinent of it for a time. Tell Thce!” “ To a Snow-drop;” “A Spring Declined, with thanks. Communications from Thought.”

“L. N.,” “B. V. B.," Norton,” and “Newtou I'ROSE accepted, with thanks. “ James Barry;"

Basset.”—We are obliged for the offer of “ Old

Dobin,” which is returned by post. “Gratuitous Advice;" “ Cottage Life in Scotland ;' “ The Enchanted Looking-glass ;” “The Ship

The Legend of the Round Tower." — There is su wreck."

much promise in this article, that we regret we are

not able to accept it. A little more practice will, SOCIETY OF FEJALE ARTISTS. Wc regret to be

we have no doubt, enablc the author to be of use obligeil to postpone our notice of this exhibition. “ Auctions : my experience of them.”—In answer to Music, books for review, &c., &e., inust be sent in by

al correspondent, we beg to say that this amusing the 10th of each month to receive notice in the article in our January number was written by Mrs. next number. Cupples, Gerard Bridge, Fifeshire, whose name was All MSS., letters, dic., may be addressed to the Editor omitted by mistake.

(carc of Mr. Alger), 265, Strand, W.C.

to us.



E Corbet

The Quern Keepsakes,

Albert and Brodgate the property of the Earl of Stamford and l'aringan

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