Interstate Commerce Commission Reports: Motor carrier cases, Volumul 95

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1964
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Salt Lake Transfer Co Common Carrier Application 12 M C C 43 731
Schaffer Transp Co v United States 355 U S 83
Daily Exp Inc ExtensionCarlisle Pa
Transamerican Frt Lines Inc Ext OklahomaTexas 91 M C C 841
Payments of Rates and Charges of Motor Carriers
Peoples Exp Co Extension of OperationsAir Freight 48 M C C 393 75
Settle Common Carrier Application 46 M C C 227 391
Picknelly Extension of OperationsBradley Field 47 M C C 401 528
Movers Conference of America v United States 205 F Supp 82
R Kuntzman Inc ExtensionAlliance Ohio 371
Nelson Inc Investigation of Operations 63 M C C 407
EcklarMoore Exp Inc ExtensionAlternate Routes 74 M C C 769
Southwest Freight Lines Inc PurchaseBrooks 50 M C C 808
Emery Transp Co Conversion Proceeding 82 M C C 802 114
Bowman Transp Inc ExtensionFive Point Authority 92 M C C
Fischbach Trucking Co Common Carrier Application 61 M C C 539
Braswell Freight Lines Inc ExtensionAtlanta 95 M C C 457 714
United Statesv Contract Steel Carriers Inc 350 U S 409
De Rosa Transp Inc ExtensionChicago Ill 494
Declaratory Order Petitions of Seashore Food Products Inc for 546
Refrigerated Food Exp Inc ExtensionNew England 63
Producers Transport Inc ExtensionCrossville Ill 84 M C C 679
Webber Cartage Line Inc ExtensionWisconsin 51 M C C 580
Reilleys Inc Common Carrier Application 608
Earl Bray Inc ExtensionPetroleum Treating Compounds 720
Weidner Travel Bureau Inc Broker Application 94 M C C 644
United States Trucking Corp v Davidson Transfer 67 M C C 513 563
City of Philadelphia v Civil Aeronautics Board 289 F 2d 770 79
Nudelman Common Carrier Application 28 M C C 91
Stopping in Transit Michigan Motor Freight Lines 43 M C C 329 275
Substituted ServicePiggyback 322 I C C 301 59
Coastal Tank Lines Inc ExtensionFluorspar 92 M C C 149 398
Quickie Transport Co ExtensionPine Bend Minn 84 M C C 334 329
Collection and Delivery Limits at Hrrisburg Pa 281 I C C 379
Ralph A Veon Inc Contract Carrier Application 92 M C C 248 283
OBoyle Tank Lines ExtensionFish Oil 67 M C C 502
Rogers Cartage Co ExtensionToluene di Isocyanate 349
George W Kugler Inc ExtensionClay Products 288
Commodity Haulage Corp Common Carrier Application 69 M C C 527 77
Watkins Motor Lines Inc ExtensionBartow Fla 78 M C C 563
Rayfield Contract Carrier Application 21 M C C 214 559
Global Van Lines Inc Alaska Grandfather Application 338
Fraering Brokerage Co Inc Investigation of Operations 81 M C C
S S Bus Service Inc Special Service
Friocal Transport Leasing Corp Contr Car Applic 86 M C C 369
Index digest
Groendyke Transport Inc ExtensionPetroleum Treating Compounds 720
Continental Southern Lines Ext Pup Semitrailers 88 M C C 547 484
Geraci Contract Carrier Application 7 M C C 369 285
Contracts of Contract Carriers 1 M C C 628 289337370421592
Olympic Travel Service Inc Broker Application 76 M C C 127 410
Reilleys Inc Common Carrier Application 95 M C C 608 671
S T L Transport Inc ExtensionNew England 63
Central Freight Lines Inc 66 M C C 396 455

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Pasaje populare

Pagina 348 - ... the Commission shall issue such certificate without requiring further proof that public convenience and necessity will be served by such operation, and without further proceedings, if application for such certificate is made to the Commission...
Pagina 594 - ... under continuing contracts with one person or a limited number of persons either (a) for the furnishing of transportation services through the assignment of motor vehicles for a continuing period of time to the exclusive use of each person served or (b) for the furnishing of transportation services designed to meet the distinct need of each individual customer.
Pagina 688 - Congressional directive with a classic definition of public convenience and necessity, which remains today, in Pan-American Bus Lines Operation, 1 MCC 190, 203 ( 1936): "The question, in substance, is whether the new operation or service will serve a useful public purpose, responsive to a public demand or need...
Pagina 492 - Recitals of material and relevant facts in a pleading filed prior to oral hearing in any proceeding, unless specifically denied in a counterpleading filed under these rules, shall constitute evidence and be a part of the record without special admission or incorporation therein, but if request is seasonably made, a competent witness must be made available for cross-examination on the evidence so included in the record.
Pagina 261 - household goods" means personal effects and property used or to be used in a dwelling when a part of the equipment or supply of such dwelling; furniture, fixtures, equipment and the property of stores, offices, museums, institutions, hospitals, or other establishments when a part of the stock, equipment, or supply of such stores, offices, museums, institutions, hospitals, or other establishments; and articles, including objects of art, displays, and exhibits, which because of their unusual nature...
Pagina 262 - ... that notice of this order shall be given to the general public by depositing a copy in the Office of the Secretary of the Commission at Washington, DC, and by filing it with the Director, Office of the Federal Register.
Pagina 527 - Act, shall the provisions of this part, except the provisions of section 204 relative to qualifications and maximum hours of service of employees and safety of operation or standards of equipment...
Pagina 256 - Paragraph (a) (2) of this section shall not be construed to include the stock-in-trade of any establishment, whether consignor or consignee, other than used furniture and used fixtures, except when transported as an incident to the removal of the establishment, or a portion thereof, from one location to another.
Pagina 73 - Nothing in this part, except the provisions of section 204 relative to qualifications and maximum hours of service of employees and safety of operation or standards of equipment shall be construed to include (1) motor vehicles employed solely in transporting school children and teachers to or from school...
Pagina 168 - ... carriers in connection with their transportation service, (1) for loss of or damage to property carried on any one motor vehicle— $5,000, (2) for less of or damage to or aggregate of losses or damages of or to property occurring at any one time and place— $10,000.

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