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Shall not all my being worship,

In the silent awe of love ; Knowing that my God is present

Wheresoe'er I stand or move?

This and that to know, I care not;

Human converse seek I none : Gazing on Thee in the spirit,

I would dwell with Thee alone.

I can tell Thee all my sorrows;

No more shall their load appal : When


heart I cannot fathom, Thou, The Near One, know'st it all.

Still with Thee, in mine awaking ;

Still with Thee, in all I do : Peacefully the heart reposeth

In Thy Goodness, sure and true.

On I journey, ever farther,

Guided by Thy Faithful Hand; Poor, unknown in patient stillness,

Through this earth, to Fatherland.

Thus to live within His Presence

This is blessed life to me; Keeping Him in thought at all times,

Everywhere I chance to be.

Come, then, ye beloved children;

Sinners, also, hasten near : Leave the world, and sin, and sorrow; Think

ye only, “ God is here."



WEARY heart, be not desponding ;

Soon thy pilgrim-course will end :
Trust thyself, for all the journey,

To the Guiding of thy Friend !

Many a hard year hast thou sighed through ;

Many a danger on the way :
God hath helped thee,—still He helpeth ;

Soon shall close thine earthly day.

Hope on, loving and believing,

Till the sorrow all is past;
Then the blessed "weight of glory”

Surely comes for thee at last.

What, then, shall we find hereafter,

In the Eternal Life above ?
No more sin, no fear, no sorrow;
No distress our souls shall move.

He who here sad heart-sighs soweth,

Doing right, though suffering ill, There shall find the Joy-ripe harvest,

All his longings to fulfil.

Sow on richly, still believing ;

Faint not, soul, in sad despair ! Nought is lost :-what here may fail us,

We shall yet recover There.

There shall Paradise be ours ;

Pure delights that pure hearts bless, In the Joy-crowned Provinces

Of all radiant loveliness.

O New World, God's own rich Garden ;

Never-fading Flower-Field; Where Heaven's Nightingales are singing;

Where the Trees their Life-Fruits yield ! There is God's Eternal City,

Great in Holiness untold; Glorious in its fabrication ;

Built of pearls and precious gold.

Enter, soul, the City's Portals !

They are open day and night : But thy raiment must be spotless

Where The Lamb Himself gives Light !

There we find again our loved ones,

Known to us in woe and strife, Now rejoicing with the Blessèd ;

Sharing in the Angel-life.

What the rapture of that Welcome!

What shall that blest Meeting be! What that Intercourse of spirit,

Soul with soul, from earth-bonds free !

Once more shall we walk together,

Like pure children, hand in hand : Let us walk so now, as pilgrims,

Travelling through the foreign land

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