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CHRIST, Who in Death's night of darkness

As a Shining Light did'st come;
Seeking Thee in Herod's Palace,

Vainly did my spirit roam.
Found I there all dazzling splendour ;

Joys enchaining sense and mind :
Yet my craving heart was empty :

Thee, alone, I could not find.


Forth I went to men of learning ;

Versed in Scripture-lore were they : But from wise and subtle spirits

Jacob's Star concealed its ray.
Of the Light that had appeared

They spoke, also, to the blind :
Yet all vain my search amongst them-

Christ Himself I could not find.

Came I then within the precincts

Of the Temple's holy ground : Sacrificial Fire was burning ;

Radiant brightness gleamed around. Here conceiving of His Presence,

Yet I found Him not at last : Quitting then thy walls, O Salem,

On to Bethlehem I passed.

Lonely through the street I wandered ;

Far and near was heard no sound : All was silent and deserted;

And no passing guide I found. But, at length, I saw above me,

Through the gloom, a bright Star shine : Thus, through seeking and believing,

Christ Himself at last was mine!

Only seek—so shalt thou find Him !

Only faint not, nor despair ;
Do not check thy heart's keen yearning,

Which thy God hath kindled there !
Follow on, in trustful patience ;

Faithful to His teaching live : Light from Heaven above shall guide thee :

Light from Heaven the Star doth give.



With brighter glory, Easter Sun,

Shine forth upon thy way;
For my Redeemer, and thy Lord,
Rose from His


this day! Thou didst hide in veil of darkness

When He bowed His Head to die:But now shine forth--thy Master

Has risen up on High !

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Earth, in thy tranquil beauty lie

Thy calm blue skies beneath :
Thy Lord deserts thee not-His Arm

Hath burst the gates of death.
When He breathed forth His Spirit,

Thy mighty rocks were riven.
Greet now The newly Living ;

Steeped in soft light from Heaven !

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