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HAVING already given you our judg

ment of several things in the Book of Common Prayer, and our desires for the altering of some parts of it, leaving the rest unaltered: we here tender you some of the said alterations, which in our former paper we shewed to be needful; and some additional forms in Scripture phrase (as near as we well could) suited to the nature of the several parts of worship. The texts are cited in the margin, to justify partly the

matter, and partly the phrase. If any be misapplied (which we hope will not be found) we shall be willing, upon information, to retract such misapplication. If some of the Prayers here offered seem of too great a length, the substance of them being allowed, we shall, upon conference and mutual consideration, endeavour to contract them. And whereas his Majesty's Commission doth empower and authorise us to take into our consideration the several Directions, Rules, and Forms of Prayer, and things contained in the Book of Common Prayer and further addeth, When we shall have drawn our consultations to any resolution and determination, which we shall agree upon as needful or expedient to be done for the altering, diminishing, or enlarging the Book of Common Prayer, or any part thereof, &c. we have here

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