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Of all the hours this is one of the most delightful, one in which the sun only shewing above the horizon the half of his disk, both the bottom of the clouds, the tops of mountains and of forests, glitter as if fringed with fire.

Then, on the liquid plains, at the surface of waves scarcely ruffled, the soft breeze blowing and half bending the sea-weed of the shore, fleets by, light and voluptuous, one knows not what ravishing figure of a woman, of beauty superhuman, such as to defy the chisel of the sculptor, the pallet of the painter, and the pen of the Poet. What most chaste, and agreeable contours! See ! floating and scattered, the light sports of the wind, her fine luxuriant locks, which the white sea-gull touches whith his beak and as for the immortal which Gnidus and Paphos cherishes, the dolphins with eyes prominent, and round, whith their huge backs and broad fins accustom themselves to the yoke. Delighted, are the marine Deities in pressing around her, and forming her train! The one proud of his sonorous shell, the other attentive to oppose to the ardour of the sun a light silken sail, this, armed with a trident, the other preparing relays of dolphins, impatient to bear away the sweet burthen. Thus old Ocean delights in welcoming, aided by all his court, the presence of his beloved daughter.

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Psyche 3

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