School Bonds

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Bruce publishing Company, 1924 - 176 pagini

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Pagina 84 - End of 1st year . . 2nd year 3rd year 4th year . . . 5th year 6th year 7th year 8th year 9th...
Pagina 140 - ... of the second class cities law, and in all other cases at public sale not less than five or more than thirty days after a notice of such sale, stating the amount, date, maturity and rate of interest, has been published at least once in the official paper or papers, if any, of any such municipality, provided that if there is no official paper, then such notice of sale shall be published in a newspaper published in the county in which such bonds are to be issued, or a copy thereof shall be sent...
Pagina 92 - ... per cent in districts of the third class. In Idaho, for building and furnishing schoolhouses, 4 per cent; for sites, buildings, and furnishing schoolhouses in independent districts, 5 per cent. In Illinois, 5 per cent. In Indiana, 2 per cent; for constructing and equipping a room or building in which to teach the arta of agriculture, domestic science, or physical or practical mental culture, or for general township use, 1 per cent.
Pagina 89 - Made 1st Year. 2nd Year. . 3rd Year. . 4th Year. . 5th Year . 6th Year. . 7th Year. . 8th Year. . 9th Year.
Pagina 138 - For the purpose of giving effect to these provisions, fcSds.0* the board of education are hereby authorized, whenever a tax shall have been voted to be collected in installments for the purpose of building a new school-house, or building an addition to a school-house, or making additions, alterations or improvements to...
Pagina 77 - The prevailing criticisms against the sinking fund plan are (1) the misuse of sinking fund moneys on the part of public officials, (2) the unscientific basis employed in the calculation of sinking fund requirements, (3) the difficulty of instructing the public in the complex nature of sinking fund plans, (4) the failure to provide for proper investment of funds, (5) the inability of a democracy to constantly provide the financial leadership necessary for the proper maintenance of the fund, (6) the...
Pagina 144 - And it is hereby certified and recited that all acts, conditions, and things required to be done precedent to and in the issuing of said bonds have been properly done, happened, and performed in regular and due form as required by law.
Pagina 140 - All bonds hereafter issued by any municipal corporation, or by any school district or civil division of the state, shall be sold, in the case of a city of the first class as required by its charter or by any special act under which such bonds are issued, in the case of a city of the second class as required by section sixty-one 1 Remainder of section new.
Pagina 101 - Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, and Wisconsin.
Pagina 59 - ... the city or town subject to taxation, as shown by the last preceding assessment for taxes; provided, however, that nothing above contained in this section shall apply to those cities and towns whose charters existing at the adoption of this Constitution authorize a larger percentage of indebtedness than...

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