United States Congressional Serial Set, Ediția 9191

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1930
Reports, Documents, and Journals of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives.

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InterAmerican Conference on Bibliography
Coordination of publichealth activities
Observance of 175th anniversary of Battle of the Monongahela 548 Construction and equipment of annex to Library of Congress 549 Appropriation...
Combined sewer and submarine cable under Grand River Mich
Construction of rural post roads
Relief of William C Gray
Sale of Columbia Arsenal property Maury County Tenn
Restoration of Fort McHenry Md
Bridge across Pecatonica River at Freeport
Pilgrimage of mothers and widows of soldiers and sailors to Europe 572 Delegates to fourth Worlds Poultry Congress
Eradication of pink bollworm
Term of court at Las Vegas
Relief of State of New York 580 Conferring authority to fix size of farm units on desertland entries 581 Bridge across Intracoastal Canal La 582 Brid...
Public Health Service in Federal prisons
Grading and classification of clerks of foreign service 561 Prevent desecration of flag and insignia of United States 565 Amend U S Code rel to times...
Transfer Bureau of Prohibition to Department of Justice 595 Paving Government road Fort Sill military reservation
Revetment wall at Fort Moultrie S C
Salaries of officers etc of Police and Fire Departments of D C
Erection of residence at National Home for Lepers Carville La 614 Convey to Waltham Mass Government land for street purposes 615 Fees for inqu...
Charges for extra services in postal service
Convey to Trenton N J portion of site of present Federal building 620 Defacing Government stamped envelopes and postal cards
To accept title to land for inspection station at BabbPiegan Mont 622 Demurrage charges on undelivered C O D parcels
International Map of the World on the Millionth Scale Bureau
Indemnity to Great Britain on account of death of Samuel Richardson 627 To make Starspangled banner national anthem 628 Additional district jud...
Bridges across Missouri River between Council Bluffs and Omaha 641 Bridge across Little Calumet River on Ashland avenue Cook County Ill 642 Br...
Bridge across Nanticoke River at Vienna Md
Bridge across Roanoke River at Weldon N C
Bridge across Missouri River at Decatur Nebr
Granting consent of Congress to compacts between Colorado and Wyoming 657 Protection of trademarks used in commerce
Relief of sufferers of Mississippi River flood in 1917
Inspection of Bull Run and Second Manassas battle fields Va 667 Repairs to Fort San Carlos
Relief of farmers in storm flood and drought stricken areas 670 Separate insurance from fraternal activities in District of Columbia 671 Per capita pay...
Addition to Hot Springs reserve in Wyoming 677 Bridge across Maumee River in Lucas County Ohio
Bridge across Ohio River between Owensboro Ky and Rockport
Bridge across Kanawha River between Henderson and Point Pleasant W Va 680 Bridge across St Francis River at Lake City
Omnibus bridge bill
Reforestation purchase program
Amendments to World War adjusted compensation act 684 Amend merchant marine act 1928 rel to ocean mail contracts 685 First deficiency approp...
Deliver to North Carolina silver service of U S S Charlotte 687 Silver service and clock of U S S Salem for Salem Mass etc 688 Deliver to Charleston...
Awards of Mixed Claims Commission United States and Germany etc 706 To increase salary of minister to Liberia 707 Add lands to Helena National ...
Exempt from cancellation desertland entries in California 715 Construction of memorial building at Champoeg Oreg 716 To sell present postoffice si...
Closing of Center Market in District of Columbia
To prevent improper practice before Patent Office 729 Disposition of useless papers in War Department 731 Maintenance of central warehouses in n...
Confirmation of title of purchasers of Live Oak naval reserve 733 Exclusive jurisdiction by United States over Hawaii National Park 734 To pave roa...
Exchange of land within Lassen Volcanic National Park 738 Inspection of battle field of Saratoga N Y 739 Exchange of lands adjoining Catoosa Spri...
To proceed with public works at Naval Hospital Washington D C
Amend merchant marine act 1928 rel to ocean mail contracts 757 Granting land in Wrangell Alaska to Wrangell Alaska 758 Benefits to certain form...
Acceptance of donation of land etc in Caddo Parish La 771 Transfer of Governmentowned land at Dodge City Kans
Granting to Wisconsin unappropriated public lands in meandered areas 775 Bridge across Columbia River at Arlington Oreg
Bridge Lake Champlain at Rouses Point N
Bridge across St Croix River at Stillwater Minn
Bridge across Mississippi River at Hastings Minn
Bridge across Ohio River at Cairo
Bridge across Ohio River at New Martinsville W
Tablet or marker at birthplace of William Rufus King 798 Establishment of national hydraulic laboratory in Standards Bureau 799 Loan of aeronauti...
Bridge across Allegheny River at Red House N
Bridge across Minnesota River at Henderson Minn
Repeal of obsolete and superseded sections in United States Code 839 Disposition of useless papers in Executive Departments 841 Honor memory of ...
Establish hydrographic office at Honolulu Hawaii
Recommending acquisition of airports for District of Columbia 853 Bridges across Red River between Texas and Oklahoma
To pay checking charges and arrastre charges in Philippine Islands 858 Compacts between Colorado New Mexico Utah and Wyoming 859 Compacts...
Commissioners of D C to settle claims against D C
Amend World War veterans act 1924 3
Medals for members of Alaskan Aerial Survey Expedition 883 Payment of gratuity to dependents of deceased officers of Navy etc 884 Pensions for ...
Per capita payments to Shoshone and Arapahoe Indians
Disposition of useless papers in Department of State 892 Tribal funds of Yankton Sioux tribe of Indians pipestone claim
Relief of Maine and Portsmouth N H 894 Floodcontrol survey of Choctawhatchee River Fla and
Panama Canal tolls
pts 1 and 2
Collection of fees for work done for benefit of Indians 898 Immigration from countries of Western Hemisphere
Relinquishment by United States of lands to Rupert Idaho 900 Use of U S S Olympia as memorial to men and women in War with Spain 901 Adjust s...
First deficiency appropriation bill 1930
District of Columbia appropriation bill 1931
Reimburse States for military property brought into Fed service 1917
Loan War Department equipment to American Legion 919 Coinage of 50cent pieces in commemoration of Gadsden purchase 920 Three hundredth ...
Discontinue coinage of 2 50 gold piece
To provide for retirement of disabled nurses in Navy 923 Hospitalization of members of Fleet Naval Reserve etc 924 Gratuity for dependents of me...
Better facilities for enforcement of customs and immigration laws 934 To establish 2 radio stations for Standards Bureau 936 Highway to connect Mo...
To remove cloud as to title of lands at Fort Lyttleton
Authorizing sale of land in Oregon to Klamath Irrigation District 939 Reforestation purchase program
Construction of rural post roads
Terms of district court in western district of Michigan
Tree planting on national forests
Reimbursable charges against Indian tribes
Advancement of George Dewey Hilding on retired list of Navy 947 Conferring authority to fix size of farm units on desertland entries 948 To facilit...
To establish Carlsbad Caverns National Park in New Mexico 950 Sale of timberland in Red Lake Reservation 951 Consolidation of veterans activities ...
Conduct investigations of cotton ginning
To pay claim of Government of China for death of Chang Hsi Ying 965 To add lands to Boise National Forest 966 Amend air mail act of Feb 2 1925
Expenses of participation in sixth Pan American Child Congress 970 International Petroleum Exposition at Tulsa Okla
Construction of rural post roads
Exemption from quota of aged parents of American citizens pts 1 and
Bridge across Cumberland River near Burnside Ky 980 Bridge across Ohio River near Moundsville W Va 981 Bridge across Ohio River near Cannelt...
Bridges across Cumberland River 987 Bridge across Ohio River near Wellsburg W
Dam across Robins Cove Chester River Md
Bridge intracoastal waterway La and
Bridge across Cumberland River at or near Smithland
Bridge across Tennessee River near mouth of Clarks River
Amend section 20 paragraph 11 interstate commerce act bills of lading 993 Panama Canal ferry and highway
Investigation of Passamaquoddy and Cobscook bays
Assessments against Indian lands within irrigation projects
Establishment of Apostle Islands National Park in Wisconsin 998 Funds for cooperation with school board at Browning Mont
To amend act so as to aid Kentucky in acquiring bridge 1010 Depositing certain moneys into reclamation fund 1019 International Conference for Co...
Appropriations for Department of Justice 1930
Promotion of Edward Sweeney on retired list Navy 1027 Construction of buildings for Naval Hospital Philadelphia Pa 1028 Allocation of proceeds f...
To create Narcotics Bureau in Treasury Department 1032 Acquisition etc of delinquent lands on irrigation projects 1033 To amend sections 22 and ...
To amend act to parole U S prisoners rel to parole of alien prisoners 1036 Citizenship and naturalization of married women
To create Textile Alliance Foundation 1039 For disposal of combustible refuse from places outside of Washington 1041 Perishable agricultural com...

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Pagina 6 - Federal reserve bank may discount notes, drafts, and bills of exchange arising out of actual commercial transactions; that is, notes, drafts, and bills of exchange issued or drawn for agricultural, industrial, or commercial purposes, or the proceeds of which have been used, or are to be used, for such purposes...
Pagina 1 - An Act to provide further development of agricultural extension work between the agricultural colleges in the several states, receiving the benefits of the Act entitled, 'An Act donating public lands to the several states and territories which may provide colleges for the benefit of agriculture and the mechanic arts' approved July 2, 1862, and of all Acts supplementary thereto, and the United States Department of Agriculture...
Pagina 1 - An act to provide for the further development of agricultural extension work between the agricultural colleges in the several states receiving the benefits of the act, entitled 'an act donating public lands to the several states and territories which may provide colleges for the benefit of agriculture and the mechanic arts...
Pagina 6 - That the Secretary of the Interior is hereby authorized to perform any and all acts and to make such rules and regulations as may be necessary and proper for the purpose of carrying the provisions of this act into full force and effect.
Pagina 7 - The discount and rediscount and the purchase and sale by any Federal reserve bank of any bills receivable and of domestic and foreign bills of exchange, and of acceptances authorized by this Act, shall be subject to such restrictions, limitations, and regulations as may be imposed by the Federal Reserve Board.
Pagina 6 - ... notes, drafts, and bills of exchange of factors issued as such making advances exclusively to producers of staple agricultural products in their raw state shall be eligible for such discount; but such definition shall not include notes, drafts, or bills covering merely investments or issued or drawn for the purpose of carrying or trading in stocks, bonds, or other investment securities, except bonds and notes of the Government of the United States.
Pagina 11 - That the Commission may, in its discretion and for good cause shown, allow changes upon less than the notice herein specified...
Pagina 4 - Board, consisting of not less than three members, and having all necessary power to co-operate, as herein provided, with the Federal Board for Vocational Education in the administration of the provisions of this Act.
Pagina 6 - Any member bank may accept drafts or bills of exchange drawn upon it and growing out of transactions involving the importation or exportation of goods having not more than six months...
Pagina 3 - An Act to provide compensation for employees of the United States suffering injuries while in the performance of their duties, and for other purposes", approved September 7, 1916, as amended, shall extend to persons given employment under the provisions of this Act.

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