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71st Congress, 2d Session

(December 2, 1929- July 3, 1930)


VOL. 2





Note.—The reports missing from this volume will be found in the bound volumes of House private


496. Private rights of fishery, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

497. To admit Bey Mario Arosemena to Military Academy.

499. Bridge across Rio Grande at Weslaco, Tex.

500. Bridge across Hatchie River near Bolivar, Tenn.

501. Bridge across Allegheny River at Kittanning, Pa.

502. Bridge across Rio Grande at Fort Hancock, Tex.

503. Bridge across St. Francis River at Lake City, Ark.

504. Bridge across Missouri River near Rulo, Nebr.

505. Bridge across Missouri River at Brownville, Nebr.

506. Bridge across Black River at Pocahontas, Ark.

507. Bridge across Missouri River at Washington, Mo.

508. Bridge across Mississippi River at Topeka, Minn.

509. Bridge across Mississippi River between New Orleans and Gretna, La.

510. Bridge across Missouri River at Randolph, Mo.

511. Bridge across Mississippi River at Baton Rouge, La.

514. Parts of battleships for Lions' Club and Rotary Club, Shelbyville, Tenn.

515. Acquiring Confederate Stockade Cemetery.

516. To provide for assistant chief of naval operations.

517. Sanitary fireproof hospital at National Soldiers Home at Togus, Me.

518. Investigate pay of commissioned and enlisted personnel of Army, etc.

519. Instruction to Edmundo Valdez Murillo at Military Academy,

520. To admit Vicente Mejia and Antonio Inestroza to Military Academy.

521. To admit Godofredo Arrieta Alzarado, jr., to Military Academy.

522. To admit Guillermo Gomez to Military Academy.

523. Medal of Honor to Edward V. Rickenbacker.

536. Resale price bill. 2 pts.

537. Sale of iron pier in Delaware Bay near Lewes, Del.

538. Pilgrimage of mothers and widows of deceased soldiers, etc., to Europe.

539. Inter-American Congress of Rectors, Deans, and Educators in General.

540. Codification of International Law Conference.

541. Inter-American Conference on Bibliography.

542. Coordination of public health activities.

547. Observance of 175th anniversary of Battle of the Monongahela.

548. Construction and equipment of annex to Library of Congress.

549. Appropriation for Federal Radio Commission.

551. Combined sewer and submarine cable under Grand River, Mich.

555. Construction of rural post roads.

556. Relief of William C. Gray.

558. Sale of Columbia Arsenal property, Maury County, Tenn.

559. Restoration of Fort McHenry, Md.

560. Grading and classification of clerks of foreign service.

561. Prevent desecration of flag and insignia of United States.

565. Amend U.S. Code rel. to times of holding district court in North Dakota.

566. Bridge across Shenandoah River in Clark County, Va.

567. Bridge across Rock River at Prophetstown, Ill.

568. Bridge across Pecatonica River at Freeport, Ill.

571. Pilgrimage of mothers and widows of soldiers and sailors to Europe.

572. Delegates to fourth World's Poultry Congress.

573. Eradication of pink bollworm.

576. Term of court at Las Vegas, Nev.

577. Relief of State of New York.

580. Conferring authority to fix size of farm units on desert-land entries

581. Bridge across Intracoastal Canal, La.

582. Bridge across Missouri River at Boonville, Mo.

583. Public Health Service in Federal prisons.

594. Transfer Bureau of Prohibition to Department of Justice.*

595. Paving Government road, Fort Sill military reservation.

596. Revetment wall at Fort Moultrie, S. C.

608. Salaries of officers, etc., of Police and Fire Departments of D. C.

'509. To exempt Custer National Forest from forest homestead law.

311. Develop agricultural extension work in land-grant colleges.

612. Independent offices appropriation bill, 1931.

613. Erection of residence at National Home for Lepers, Carville, La.

614. Convey to Waltham, Mass., Government land for street purposes.

615. Fees for inquiries concerning mail and money orders.

616. Sale of old post office and courthouse building, etc., at Syracuse, N. Y.

617. Extra receipts or certificates of mailing for other than ordinary mail.

618. Charges for extra services in postal service.

619. Convey to Trenton, N. J., portion of site of present Federal building.

620. Defacing Government stamped envelopes and postal cards.

621. To accept title to land for inspection station at Babb-Piegan, Mont.

622. Demurrage charges on undelivered C. 0. D. parcels.

623. International Map of the World on the Millionth Scale Bureau.

624. Indemnity to Great Britain on account of death of Samuel Richardson.

627. To make Star-spangled banner national anthem.

628. Additional district judge for district of Minnesota.

632. Conveying Cheboygan lighthouse reservation to Michigan.

636. Amend merchant marine act rel. to rate of interest on certain loans.

637. Amend merchant marine act rel. to ocean mail contracts.

638. Erection of Federal reserve bank building in Pittsburgh, Pa.

639. Compromise of liability of shareholders in failed national banks.

640. Bridges across Missouri River between Council Bluffs and Omaha.

641. Bridge across Little Calumet River on Ashland avenue, Cook County, Ill.

642. Bridge across Little Calumet River on Halsted street, Cook County, Ill.

643. Bridge across Little Calumet River on Ashland avenue, Cook County, Ill.

644. Bridge across Delaware River at Beerston, N. Y.

645. Bridge across Nanticoke River at Vienna, Md.

646. Bridge across Roanoke River at Weldon, N. C.

647. Bridge across Missouri River at Decatur, Nebr.

649. Granting consent of Congress to compacts between Colorado and Wyoming.

657. Protection of trade-marks used in commerce.

658. Relief of sufferers of Mississippi River flood in 1917.

659. Grant right of way to Winthrop, Mass., over Fort Banks reservation.

660. Increase in White House police force.

666. Inspection of Bull Run and Second Manassas battle fields, Va.

667. Repairs to Fort San Carlos, Fla.

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668. Investigation of battle field of Chalmette, La.

669. Relief of farmers in storm, flood, and drought stricken areas.

670. Separate insurance from fraternal activities in District of Columbia.

671. Per capita payments to Indians of Pine Ridge Reservation.

672. Addition to Hot Springs reserve in Wyoming.

677. Bridge across Maumee River in Lucas County, Ohio.

678. Bridge across Ohio River between Owensboro, Ky., and Rockport, Ind.

679. Bridge across Kanawha River between Henderson and Point Pleasant, W. Va.

680. Bridge across St. Francis River at Lake City, Ark.

681. Omnibus bridge bill.

682. Reforestation purchase program.

683. Amendments to World War adjusted compensation act.

684. Amend merchant marine act, 1928, rel. to ocean mail contracts.

685. First deficiency appropriation bill, 1930.

686. Deliver to North Carolina silver service of U. S. S. Charlotte.

687. Silver service and clock of U. S. S. Salem for Salem, Mass., etc.

688. Deliver to Charleston Museum bell, etc., of U. S. S. Charleston,

689. Disposition of useless papers in Treasury Department.

693. Control possession, etc., of dangerous weapons in District of Columbia.

694. Payment to Germany for expenses of adjudication of late claims.

695. Jurisdiction of War Claims Arbiter to include certain patent claims.

696. Awards of Mixed Claims Commission, United States and Germany, etc.

706. To increase salary of minister to Liberia.

707. Add lands to Helena National Forest, Mont.

714. Exempt from cancellation desert-land entries in California.

715. Construction of memorial building at Champoeg, Oreg.

716. To sell present post-office site and building at Dover, Del.

717. Amend act for construction of Mount Vernon memorial highway.

718. Dedicate for street purposes part of post-office site at Wichita, Kans.

723. Sale of public land in Florida to Alma Laird.

724. Restoration of roads and bridges in Alabama.

726. False reports as to condition of national and State member banks, etc.

727. Closing of Center Market in District of Columbia.

728. To prevent improper practice before Patent Office.

729. Disposition of useless papers in War Department.

731. Maintenance of central warehouses in national parks, etc.

732. Confirmation of title of purchasers of Live Oak naval reserve.

733. Exclusive jurisdiction by United States over Hawaii National Park.

734. To pave road at hospital no. 90, Muskogee, Okla.

737. Exchange of land within Lassen Volcanic National Park.

738. Inspection of battle field of Saratoga, N. Y.

739. Exchange of lands adjoining Catoosa Springs Target Range.

740. Amend trade-mark act.

741. To proceed with public works at Naval Hospital, Washington, D. C.

742. Amend law relating to vocational rehabilitation.

753. Loaning powers of Federal reserve member banks.

754. Amend merchant marine act, 1928, rel. to ocean mail contracts.

757. Granting land in Wrangell, Alaska, to Wrangell, Alaska.

758. Benefits to certain former members of Quartermaster Corps of Army.

760. Exchange of land for park system in District of Columbia.

761. Turkey Thicket Playground, Recreation, and Athletic Field.

764. To secure water-supply for Salina and Redmond, Utah.

768. Relief of successors of Luther Burbank.

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