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769. Correction of act prohibiting importation of diseased cattle.

770. Acceptance of donation of land, etc., in Caddo Parish, La.

771. Transfer of Government-owned land at Dodge City, Kans.

772. Amend act rel. to constant frequency monitoring radio station.

2 pts.

774. Granting to Wisconsin unappropriated public lands in meandered areas.

775. Bridge across Columbia River at Arlington, Oreg.

776. Bridge Lake Champlain at Rouses Point, N. Y.

777. Bridge across St. Croix River at Stillwater, Minn.

778. Bridge across Mississippi River at Hastings, Minn.

779. Bridge across Ohio River at Cairo, Ill.

780. Bridge across Ohio River at New Martinsville, W. Va.

781. Bridge across Mississippi River at Clearwater, Minn,

782. Bridge across Wabash River at Mount Carmel, Ill.

783. Regulation of motor carriers of persons.

784. Retirement of employees in classified civil service.

788. To equalize burdens and minimize profits of war.

789. Donating guns to Cohoes Historical Society, Cohoes, N. Y.

790. Trophy gun to F. D. Hubbel Relief Corps No. 103, Hillsboro, Ill.

791. Trophy guns to Varina Davis Chapter, Daughters of the Confederacy.

792. Bronze cannon to Martins Ferry, Ohio.

796. Suit in Court of Claims for Indians of California.

797. Tablèt or marker at birthplace of William Rufus King.

798. Establishment of national hydraulic laboratory in Standards Bureau.

799. Loan of aeronautical equipment and material for research purposes.

801. Conditions in Palo Verde and Cibola valleys on Colorado River.

802. Construction of gravel road in Walker River Indian Reservation.

806. Ship’s bell, etc., to Jefferson Memorial Association of St. Louis, Mo.

807. Issuance of duplicate checks to Utah State treasurer.

808. Disposition of useless papers of Fuel Administration in Interior Dept.

814. Promotion of Edward Sweeney on retired list, Navy.

835. Bridge across Schuylkill River in Reading, Pa.

836. Bridge across Allegheny River at Red House, N. Y.

837. Bridge across Minnesota River at Henderson, Minn.

838. Repeal of obsolete and superseded sections in United States Code.

839. Disposition of useless papers in Executive Departments.

841. Honor memory of heroes of fight against yellow fever.

850. Establish hydrographic office at Honolulu, Hawaii.

852. Recommending acquisition of airports for District of Columbia.

853. Bridges across Red River between Texas and Oklahoma.

857. To pay checking charges and arrastre charges in Philippine Islands.

858. Compacts between Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming.

859. Compacts between Colorado, Nebraska, and Wyoming.

860. Amend law relative to stock-raising homesteads.*

861. To authorize amateur boxing in District of Columbia.

862. Commissioners of D. C. to settle claims against D. C.

865. Amend act establishing D. C. Public Welfare Board rel. to vacancies.

866. To lease naval destroyer and submarine base, Squantum, Mass.

867. Boundary limits of Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

868. Marine Band to attend Confederate Veterans' reunion, Biloxi, Miss.

869. Amend transportation act, 1920, relative to carriers by water.

870. Creation of organized rural communities in the South.*

871. Records of officers, etc., on U. S. S. Harvard, etc., during Spanish War.

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873. Amend code of laws for D. C. rel. to quorum of trustees of D. C. societies.

874. Amend World War veterans' act, 1924. 3 pts.

882. Medals for members of Alaskan Aerial Survey Expedition.

883. Payment of gratuity to dependents of deceased officers of Navy, etc.

884. Pensions for soldiers, etc., of War with Spain, etc.

885. Patents in fee for certain Indian homesteads.

886. Per capita payments to Shoshone and Arapahoe Indians.

887. Disposition of useless papers in Department of State.

892. Tribal funds of Yankton Sioux tribe of Indians, pipestone claim.

893. Relief of Maine and Portsmouth, N. H.

894. Flood-control survey of Choctawhatchee River, Fla. and Ala.

895. Panama Canal tolls.

897. Collection of fees for work done for benefit of Indians.

898. Immigration from countries of Western Hemisphere. pts. 1* and 2.

899. Relinquishment by United States of lands to Rupert, Idaho.

900. Use of U. S. S. Olympia as memorial to men and women in War with Spain.

901. Adjust salaries of Naval Academy Band.

902. To deliver to Olympia, Wash., silver service set of U. S. S. Olympia.

903. International Congress of Military Medicine and Pharmacy.

907. First deficiency appropriation bill, 1930.

908. District of Columbia appropriation bill, 1931.

909. Reimburse States for military property brought into Fed. service, 1917.

910. Permitting naturalization of certain aliens.

911. Loan War Department equipment to American Legion.

919. Coinage of 50-cent pieces in commemoration of Gadsden purchase.

920. Three hundredth anniversary of founding of Massachusetts Bay Colony.

921. Discontinue coinage of $2.50 gold piece.

922. To provide for retirement of disabled nurses in Navy.

923. Hospitalization of members of Fleet Naval Reserve, etc.

924. Gratuity for dependents of members of Fleet Naval Reserve, etc.

925. Restoration of frigate Constitution.

929. Preference right of soldiers, sailors, and marines to homesteads.

930. Acceptance of land for Forest Products Laboratory, etc.

931. Production of forest products, etc., in northern Minnesota.*

932. To authorize sale of post-office site in Akron, Ohio.

933. Better facilities for enforcement of customs and immigration laws.

934. To establish 2 radio stations for Standards Bureau.

936. Highway to connect Mount Vernon with Arlington Memorial Bridge.

937. To remove cloud as to title of lands at Fort Lyttleton.

938. Authorizing sale of land in Oregon to Klamath Irrigation District.

939. Reforestation purchase program.

940. Construction of rural post roads.

941. Terms of district court in western district of Michigan.

942. Tree planting on national forests.

943. Reimbursable charges against Indian tribes.

944. Advancement of George Dewey Hilding on retired list of Navy.

947. Conferring authority to fix size of farm units on desert-land entries.

948. To facilitate administration of national parks.

949. To establish Carlsbad Caverns National Park in New Mexico.

950. Sale of timberland in Red Lake Reservation.

951. Consolidation of veterans' activities.

952. To define, regulate, and license real-estate brokers in D. C. 2 pts.

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953. Deliver water during irrigation season of 1930 on Uncompahgre project.

954. Conduct investigations of cotton ginning.

964. To pay claim of Government of China for death of Chang Hsi Ying.

965. To add lands to Boise National Forest.

966. Amend air mail act of Feb. 2, 1925.

967. Flood-control survey of Mouse River, N. Dak.

969. Expenses of participation in sixth Pan American Child Congress.

970. International Petroleum Exposition at Tulsa, Okla.

975. Construction of rural post roads.

976. Exemption from quota of aged parents of American citizens. pts. 1 and 2*,

979. Bridge across Cumberland River near Burnside, Ky.

980. Bridge across Ohio River near Moundsville, W. Va.

981. Bridge across Ohio River near Cannelton, Ind.

982. Bridge across Savannah River near Fifth street, Augusta, Ga.

983. Bridge across White River near Calico Rock, Ark.

984. Bridge across Coosa River near Gilberts Ferry, Ala.

985. Bridge across White River near Sylamore, Ark.

986. Bridges across Cumberland River.

987. Bridge across Ohio River near Wellsburg, W. Va.

988. Dam across Robins Cove, Chester River, Md.

989. Bridge intracoastal waterway, La. and Tex.

990. Bridge across Cumberland River at or near Smithland, Ky.

991. Bridge across Tennessee River near mouth of Clarks River.

992. Amend section 20, paragraph 11, interstate commerce act, bills of lading.

993. Panama Canal, ferry and highway.

995. Investigation of Passamaquoddy and Cobscook bays.

996. Assessments against Indian lands within irrigation projects.

997. Establishment of Apostle Islands National Park in Wisconsin.

998. Funds for cooperation with school board at Browning, Mont.

1009. To amend act so as to aid Kentucky in acquiring bridge.

1010. Depositing certain moneys into reclamation fund.

1019. International Conference for Codification of International Law.

1020. International Fur Trade Exhibition and Congress, 1930.

1021. Appropriations for Department of Justice, 1930.

1024. Promotion of Edward Sweeney on retired list, Navy.

1027. Construction of buildings for Naval Hospital, Philadelphia, Pa.

1028. Allocation of proceeds from sale of certain enemy property. 2 pts.

1029. To amend act creating foreign commerce service rel. to living quarters.

1030. Relief of farmers in storm and flood areas of Alabama, etc.

1031. To create Narcotics Bureau in Treasury Department.

1032. Acquisition, etc., of delinquent lands on irrigation projects.

1033. To amend sections 22 and 39, title 2, of national prohibition act.

1034. Construction of roads in national forests.

1035. To amend act to parole U. S. prisoners rel. to parole of alien prisoners.

1036. Citizenship and naturalization of married women.

1038. To create Textile Alliance Foundation.

1039. For disposal of combustible refuse from places outside of Washington.

1041. Perishable agricultural commodities act.

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JANUARY 24, 1930.-Referred to the House Calendar and ordered to be printed

Mr. Houston of Hawaii, from the Committee on the Territories,

submitted the following


(To accompany H. R. 8294)

The Committee on the Territories, to which was referred the bill H. R. 8294, after hearing and consideration, reports the same favorably with an amendment, and recommends that the bill as amended

do pass.

The amendment is as follows: Page 3, line 3, insert after the period the following: "Provided, That the Secretary of the Navy is authorized to permit fishing within the area hereunder acquired, by citizens of the United States and its possessions, under such regulations and restrictions as he may prescribe."

This is a bill drafted upon the recommendation of the Secretary of the Navy made to the Speaker in the following letter:



Washington, December 31, 1929. The SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES,

Washington, D. C. MY DEAR MR. SPEAKER: I have the honor to transmit herewith a proposed draft of a bill to amend the act of June 28, 1921 (42 Stat., 67, 68), in order to authorize the Secretary of the Navy to acquire, on behalf of the United States, all privately owned fishing rights in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, and in and about the entrance channel thereto.

The provisions of the said act of June 28, 1921, were limited in scope and intended to authorize the acquisition of these fishing rights only up to certain given points. The description as to the given points and the area in and about the entrance channel is vague and indefinite as to the boundaries contemplated. The purpose of the proposed bill is to authorize the acquisition of all fishing rights in Pearl Harbor and within a certain fixed area in and about the entrance channel, thus discarding the indefinite description carried in said act of June 28, 1921.

On January 17, 1922, the Secretary of the Navy requested the Attorney General to institute condemnation proceedings in accordance with the provisions of said act of June 28, 1921, for the acquisition of the privately owned fishing rights therein mentioned. By the deficiency appropriation act of December 5, 1924, (43 Stat., 690), an appropriation of $5,000 was made for necessary costs and expenses of such condemnation proceedings. Practically all of this sum was expended for abstracts of title. A further sum of $20,000 was appropriated for such purposes in the naval appropriation act of May 21, 1928 (45 Stat., 636).

The United States attorney for the District of Hawaii advises that the time required to complete the condemnation of all such fishing rights would be two and possibly four years, there being about 7,000 defendants and that the total cost would be about $270,000, including the cost of awards, abstracts of title, publication, and sufficient counsel fees.

On further consideration of this subject matter, especially in the light of the anticipated changed conditions due to projected docking facilities to be built in the West Loch

in connection with ammunition storage, the Navy Department is strongly of the opinion that it is absolutely essential to acquire on behalf of the United States all privately owned rights of fishery in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, and in and about the entrance thereto, as set forth, in the proposed bill.

The draft of proposed 'bill was referred to the Bureau of the Budget with the above information. Under date of December 13, 1929, the Director of the Bureau of the Budget informed the Navy Department that, so far as the financial program of the President is concerned, there is no objection to this proposed legislation.

In view of the foregoing, the Navy Department recommends that the proposed legislation be enacted. Sincerely yours,

C. F. ADAMS, Secretary of the Navy. Also letter from the representative of the Navy Department at the hearings relative to the amendment:

JANUARY 20, 1930. For Mr. Houston: The proviso written near the end of the bill H. R. 8294, which you contemplate proposing to the committee, will be acceptable to the Navy Department.


Captain, United States Navy. The necessity for the amendment is shown in the Secretary's letter, being principally due to the changed naval plans for Peari Harbor, whereby it has become necessary to use West Loch in connection with an ammunition shipping depot, to be there constructed, which, in turn, is necessitated by reason of the removal of the present ammunition depot from the near proximity to the navy yard.

The committee amendment which was adopted is for the purpose of assuring that after the condemnation proceedings have been completed, that fishing will be permitted within the area, under regulation, instead of being completely forbidden.

In compliance with the rule there follows a statement of the law, showing the language omitted in brackets and the new language in italics:

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congrcss assembled, That the Secretary of the Navy is hereby authorized to examine and appraise the value of [the] all privately owned rights of fishery in Pearl Harbor, island of Oahu, Territory of Hawaii (from an imaginary line from Kaak Point to Beckoning Point, both within said harbor, to the seaward, and the privately owned rights of fishery] lying between extreme highwater mark and the sea and in and about the entrance channel to said harbor, within an area extending along the ocean shore to the westward about four thousand five hundred feet from Keahi Point to a line in continuation of the westerly boundary of the Puuloa naval reservation and extending along the ocean shore to the eastward about five thousand feet from the harbor entrance to a line in continuation of the easterly boundary of the Queen Emma site, Army reservation, and to enter into negotiations for the purchase of the said rights, and, if in his judgment the price for such rights is reasonable and satisfactory, to make contracts for the purchase of same subject to future ratification and appropriation by Congress; or, in the event of the inability of the Secretary of the Navy to make a satisfactory contract for the voluntary purchase of the said rights of fishery, he is hereby author

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