Code of Federal Regulations: Containing a Codification of Documents of General Applicability and Future Effect as of December 31, 1948, with Ancillaries and Index

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Division of the Federal Register, the National Archives, 1977

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Pagina 378 - ... removed from the container and returned thereto, the leveled peas (irrespective of the quantity of the liquid) , 15 seconds after they are so returned completely fill the container. A container with lid attached by double seam shall be considered to be completely filled when it is filled to the level...
Pagina 286 - Standard Specifications for Sieves," published March 1, 1940, in LC 584 of the United States Department of Commerce, National Bureau of Standards. Without shifting the material on the sieve, so incline the sieve as to facilitate drainage. Two minutes from the time drainage begins, weigh the sieve and the drained material.
Pagina 539 - Tilt the opened container so as to distribute the contents evenly over the meshes of a circular sieve which has been previously weighed. The diameter of the sieve is 8 inches if the quantity of...
Pagina 194 - Good consistency" means that the fruit jelly possesses a tender to slightly firm texture and retains a compact shape without excessive syneresis ("weeping") . (c) (B) classification.
Pagina 361 - Frozen mixed vegetables consist of three or more succulent vegetables, properly prepared and properly blanched; may contain vegetables (such as, small pieces of sweet red peppers or sweet green peppers) added as garnish; and are frozen and maintained at temperatures necessary for the preservation of the product.

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