Chemical History: Reviews of the Recent Literature

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Gerrylyn K Roberts, Colin A Russell
Royal Society of Chemistry, 31 oct. 2007 - 260 pagini
This book provides an historical overview of the recent developments in the history of diverse fields within chemistry. It follows on from Recent Developments in the History of Chemistry, a volume published in 1985. Covering chiefly the last 20 years, the primary aim of Chemical History: Reviews of the Recent Literature is to familiarise newcomers to the history of chemistry with some of the more important developments in the field. Starting with a general introduction and look at the early history of chemistry, subsequent chapters go on to investigate the traditional areas of chemistry (physical, organic, inorganic) alongside analytical chemistry, physical organic chemistry, medical chemistry and biochemistry, and instruments and apparatus. Topics such as industrial chemistry and chemistry in national contexts, whilst not featuring as separate chapters, are woven throughout the content. Each chapter is written by experts and is extensively referenced to the international chemical literature. Chemical History: Reviews of the Recent Literature is also ideal for chemists who wish to become familiar with historical aspects of their work. In addition, it will appeal to a wider audience interested in the history of chemistry, as it draws together historical materials that are widely scattered throughout the chemical literature.

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Chapter 1 Getting to Know History of Chemistry
Chapter 2 Chemistry Before 1800
Chapter 3 Inorganic Chemistry
Chapter 4 Organic Chemistry
Chapter 5 Physical Organic Chemistry
Chapter 6 Physical Chemistry
Chapter 7 Analytical Chemistry
Chapter 8 Medical Chemistry and Biochemistry
Chapter 9 Instruments and Apparatus
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