Camille Claudel: Une Femme

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Mercury House, 1992 - 373 pagini
Passion, courage, beauty, indomitable will, rare talent: these are the qualities of the sculptor Camille Claudel. And of the book by Anne Delbee, the book that caused a sensation in France, inspired a motion picture, and resurrected the artist for a public that had forgotten her.
Camille Claudel's work possesses a unique power and visionary originality, marking her as one of the greatest sculptors of the nineteenth century. At a time when it was a scandal for a young woman to wish to be a sculptor, Camille threw all her innate enthusiasm and implacable will into just such quest. In 1883, she met Auguste Rodin, and the master accepted her as a student; soon he became her lover. After fifteen years of a passionate and stormy relationship and being beaten down by a system that strongly favored male artists, Camille emerged exhausted and vanquished. In 1913, protective of the career of her brother, the poet Paul Claudel, her family placed Camille in an asylum near Avignon, where she spent the final thirty years of her life.
In this fictionalized biography (illustrated by photographs of the artist's work and including many passages from her letters from the asylum), Anne Delbee probes, with sympathy and sensitivity, the heart and soul of Camille Claudel, restoring her to her rightful place as woman and artist.

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From French author and producer DelbÇe, a fictionalized biography of current French feminist martyr Claudel, whose ill- starred life has also been the subject of a 1989 movie (Camille Claudel), as ... Citiți recenzia completă

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One of my all-time favorite books - and movies. Citiți recenzia completă

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