A Successful Transformation?: Restructuring of the Czech Automobile Industry

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Springer Science & Business Media, 30 apr. 2008 - 296 pagini
I started researching the dramatic changes in the automobile industry of Central and East European countries in the late 1990s. My interest grew out of my previous work on the post-socialist transformation, foreign - rect investment and regional economic development. While researching the economic and regional development effects of foreign direct inve- ment, I was increasingly drawn to the automobile industry because of the speed and depth of its transformation through foreign direct investment and its potentially very significant economic and regional development - fects. In addition to working on the Central and East European automobile industry as a whole, I became interested in detailed case studies of ent- prise restructuring as I wanted to understand its complex nature and the role of different actors in the restructuring of the automobile industry. In order to achieve this goal, I visited dozens of automotive enterprises, es- cially in the Czech Republic (Czechia) to conduct in-depths interviews with key informants. I have also interviewed key informants at ministries, automotive associations and academia and collected various secondary data and information. This book is the outcome of this work. In this endeavor I have benefited from various support. The University Committee on Research and Creative Activity at the University of Nebraska at Omaha funded three field work sessions in Czechia to conduct interviews and research for this book.

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Central and East European Automobile Industry
Czech Automobile Industry Before 1990
Post1989 Transformation of ©koda Auto
Restructuring of the Czech Commercial Vehicle Industry 127 4 1 Tatra Kopřivnice
Effects of Domestic Privatization in the Auto
The Role of FDI in the Czech Automotive Industry
Restructuring Strategies in the Czech Automotive
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