Encyclopaedia of Islam

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Brill, 2010
The Encyclopaedia of Islam Online Edition combines a familiar look with fast and effective research facilities. The entire text of volumes I to XI and Supplement (Volume XII) of the monumental, printed edition of the Encyclopaedia of Islam is now easily available on your computer screen. Additional search facilities and the Supplement enable the user to efficiently search and combine data from a vast corpus of over 12,000 printed pages- within seconds. The guiding principle in developing the online version of the Encyclopaedia of Islam was to supply its users with exactly the same information the book itself would provide, while improving their ability to search and, consequently, use the information. This also applies for important details such as the transliteration system; in order to present the reader with the familiar print characteristics, a special font has been developed for the display - and searching - of the transliterations. Included in the Online Edition: The Encyclopaedia of Islam (English) Volumes I-XI and Supplement (Volume XII).

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