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by awakening the consciences of so many clergymen to a better sense of their duty, and to more diligence in the discharge of it." (page xlix.)

That such effects may follow this well-meant and well-timed republication, may God of His infinite mercy be pleased to grant, for the relief of His afflicted Church, and the honour of His holy name. Rarely, if ever, was there more need of such a prayer. One might almost believe the excellent Prelate to be arrayed in the mantle of prophecy, so exactly does his portraiture of the year 1712 resemble that of 1840.

"It cannot be denied but that appearances are most formidable, when we see that Person, who has engaged the longest and deepest in the design of extirpating our religion, accomplish his vast designs. Another scene is now opening to him, that promises all he can wish for, and must bring such an accumulation of power to him, that, humanly speaking, nothing can stand in his way. When a word so often broken, and an engagement so often violated, are trusted to and relied on; such an unexpected turn will no doubt be construed as a reward from Heaven for his zeal against heresy; and may very probably encourage him to finish what he has done at home, by bringing us under the same calamity. Promises and oaths can work but feebly on one so accustomed to break through them. Our disunion does not only weaken us, but diverts us from that which ought to be our main concern; and even our union,

though it may fortify us in the methods of human policy, yet it will not signify much, unless we do unite in order to our applying ourselves to the great duties of our profession, so as to secure the favour and protection of Heaven!" (pages lxii. lxiii.)

May God, of His abundant goodness, bestow upon us, and maintain in us the spirit of godly union and concord, for the sake of that church which He hath purchased with His own blood!*

* Acts xx. 28.


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