The History of Modern Painting, Volumul 2

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Henry and Company, 1896

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Pagina 573 - Note, first, the bold fallacy — the putting all the Apostles there, a mere lie to serve the Papal heresy of the Petric supremacy, by putting them all in the background while Peter receives the charge, and making them all witnesses to it. Note the handsomely curled hair and neatly tied sandals of the men who had been out all night in the sea-mists and on the slimy decks. Note their convenient dresses for going a-fishing, with trains that lie a yard along the ground, and goodly fringes, — all made...
Pagina 489 - Il marche dans la plaine immense, Va, vient lance la graine au loin, Rouvre sa main, et recommence, Et je médite, obscur témoin. Pendant que, déployant ses voiles. L'ombre, où se mêle une rumeur, Semble élargir jusqu'aux étoiles Le geste auguste du semeur.
Pagina 775 - Rowlandson, the Caricaturist. A Selection from his Works, with Anecdotal Descriptions of his Famous Caricatures, and a Sketch of his Life, Times, and Contemporaries. With nearly 400 Illustrations, mostly in Facsimile of the Originals. By JOSEPH GREGO, Author of "James Gillray, the Caricaturist ; his Life, Works, and Times.
Pagina 362 - For the last two years I have been running after pictures, and seeking the truth at second hand. I have not endeavoured to represent nature with the same elevation of mind with which I set out, but have rather tried to make my performances look like the work of other men. I am come to a determination to make no idle visits this summer, nor to give up my time to commonplace people.
Pagina 362 - I shall return to Bergholt, where I shall endeavour to get a pure and unaffected manner of representing the scenes that may employ me.
Pagina 234 - C'est que la Liberté n'est pas une comtesse Du noble faubourg Saint-Germain, Une femme qu'un cri fait tomber en faiblesse, Qui met du blanc et du carmin : C'est une forte femme aux puissantes mamelles, A la voix rauque, aux durs appas...
Pagina 587 - And one shall say unto him, What are these wounds in thine hands ? Then he shall answer, Those with which I was wounded in the house of my friends.
Pagina 480 - ... momentary reminder of the fundamental condition of human life, toil. On the tilled land around, one watches figures hoeing and digging. One sees how this or that one rises and wipes away the sweat with the back of his hand. " In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread.
Pagina 415 - Bing ! le soleil s'éclaircit... le soleil n'a pas encore déchiré la gaze derrière laquelle se cachent la prairie, le vallon, les collines de l'horizon... Les vapeurs nocturnes rampent encore comme des flocons argentés sur les herbes d'un vert transi. Bing !... bing !... un premier rayon de soleil... un second rayon de soleil... Les petites fleurettes semblent s'éveiller joyeuses... elles ont toutes leur goutte de rosée qui tremble... les feuilles frileuses s'agitent au souffle du matin...
Pagina 121 - I protest, madam, said my uncle Toby, I can see nothing whatever in your eye. It is not in the white, said Mrs Wadman.

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