The Power of Uniqueness: How to Become Who You Really Are

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Zondervan, 2002 - 255 pagini
'You can be anything you want to be.'Don’t let that lie rob you of your energy and purpose in life!You may function adequately at a job, even forge an impressive career--but unless what you do is lit by an inner fire, you’re just getting by. Because the truth is, you were created with an indelible, highly personal pattern of innate giftedness and motivation. Arthur Miller calls it your Motivated Abilities Pattern, or MAP, and it’s nothing you learned. It’s something you were born with, the thing that makes you tick and determines your successes and failures.In this revolutionary book, Miller invites you to explore concepts far different from anything you’ve ever read in a career development guide. Drawing on nearly 40 years’ experience analyzing the achievements of over 50,000 people, Miller uncovers a discovery about human nature that can literally change your life. If you feel frustrated and unmotivated by your present occupation--if you’ve spent months and even years wondering what to do with your life--this book can steer you in new directions that pack incredible returns. -- ‡c From back cover.

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The Person You Were Created to
The Transforming Power of Human Design
Transforming Education
Transforming Religion
Why Psychological Testing Doesnt Work
The Biblical Basis of Giftedness
Discover Your Design A StepbyStep Guide
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