Dictionary of Minor Planet Names: Addendum to Fifth Edition: 2006 - 2008

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Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 31 oct. 2014 - 316 pagini
The history and rapid development of minor planet dis In addition to citing the bibliographic source of the nam coveries constitute a fascinating story and one with a ing, we also provide the source of numbering. A spe rather breathtaking evolution. By October 2005, the cial concordance list will enable the evaluation of the total of numbered planets exceeded the remarkable cor respective publication dates. The complete work is, nerstone of 100,000 objects and only three years later of course, a thoroughly revised and considerably en in November 2008 we are even faced with minor planet larged data collection and every e?ort has been made ( ) 200000 . This dramatic evolution must be compared to check and correct each single piece of information ( ) with the huge time span of two centuries 1801–2000 again. For even more detailed information on the dis that was necessary to detect and to re?ne the orbits of covery circumstances of numbered but unnamed plan only the ?rst 20,000 minor planets. Nowadays, we need ets, the reader is referred to the extensive data ?les even less than 13 months for the same quantity! At the compiled by the Minor Planet Center. end of 2005, we had achieved a total of 12,804 named ( According to a resolution of IAU Division III 2000, minor planets a fraction of less than 11 per cent of ) Manchester IAU General Assembly DMPN attained all numbered minor planets.

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