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" We frequently fall into error and folly, not because the truc
principles of action are not known, but because, for a time, they are
not remembered. He may therefore juftly be numbered among the
benefactors of mankind, who contrads the great rules of life into short
sentences, that may be easily impressed on the memory, and taught
by frequent recolledion to recur habitually to the mind." RAMBLER.




By S. C. USTICK, Burlington, N. J.


Copyright secured.]

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HE selections of lessons for reading in schools now in use, are numerous, and many of thạm contain excellent essays of various kinds. But in general," those essays are too long, to be read at once ; and when they are divided into parrs, and read at different times, it is obvious that the connection is entirely broken, and that a great part of the advantages proposed to be derived from reading are loft.

To obviate this objection, the volume now offered to the public, is principally composed of short passages, each complete in itself and independent of the rest. When children read in classes, each may here have an entire subject.

To fome of the extracts, it may perhaps be obje&ed, that they are above the understanding of youth : But it is believed their capacities are too frequently under rated; and that it often happens, through such a pernicious mistake, that they spend their time in reading idle tales and stories, when they might be employed in treasuring up a store of useful maxims to guide them through the thorny path of life with safety and honour to themselves, and advantage to the com-munity.

In making the selection, considerable pains have been taken. Many of the works of the most celebrated writers have been carefully examined--and numerous passages are to be found from Shakespeare, Dryden, Milton, Pope, Young, Watts, Rowe, Addison, Swift, Brooke, Fielding, Hervey, Johnson, Price, Montesquieu, and other authors of equal reputation. To familiarize the rising generation with the perusal of fuch illustrious writers, can hardly fail to prove falutary.

The introduction of political sentiments into a work intended principally for youth, will probably be cenfured by some persons. It may not therefore be improper to offer the reasons that led to the adoption of this plan.


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