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Year Book


September 19, 1925, to September 8, 1926

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Philadelphia, Penna., U.S.A.

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During the past forty years, the Jewish community of the Dominion of Canada, like that of the United States although on a smaller scale, has shown rapid growth in size, in importance, and in the number and activity of its institutions. This growth and development have won for the Jews of Canada the friendship and esteem of their non- Jewish compatriots. Recently, due to the newly-adopted restrictive immigration policy of the United States, the Canadian Jews have been able to secure from their Government the privilege of having admitted to the Dominion several thousand Jewish emigrant refugees who were languishing in various European centers, unable either to proceed, return, or remain. This fact and the probability that, for economic reasons, the immigration laws of the Dominion may be liberalized, thus permitting a freer influx of able-bodied and industrious immigrants, have lately drawn the attention of American Jews to Canada. It is in response to this interest, and in harmony with the practice of presenting in the Year Book articles on Jewish life in various lands, that we publish in this volume on article on the Jewish Community of Canada by MARTIN WOLFF, Esq., of Toronto, a writer who has had unusual opportunities to become conversant with the facts.

It will be recalled that the preceding volume was to have contained a biographical sketch of the late Doctor Emil G. HIRSCH, rabbi, orator and educator, who died on January 7, 1923, but that the writer to whom the preparation of this article was assigned could not complete it in time. S. D. SCHWARTZ, Esq., Executive Director of the Emil G. Hirsch Center of Chicago Sinai Congregation, who was for many years associated with Doctor Hirsch, has written a biographical appreciation for this volume. We present also two other articles of a similar character, the subjects of which are the late Doctor MARTIN A. MEYER of San Francisco, and the late Julius Kahn, who was for many years a representative from the State of California in the United States Congress and whose long public life was a notable record of loyal service and self-sacrifice.

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