St. Lawrence Seaway: Hearings Before the Committee on Public Works, House of Representatives, Eighty-second Congress, First Session on H.J. Res. 2 [and Others] ...

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1951 - 1691 pagini
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Pagina 346 - Whenever, in the judgment of the Commission, the development of any water resources for public purposes should be undertaken by the United States itself, the Commission shall not approve any application for any project affecting such development...
Pagina 371 - This policy is further declared to be that the projects herein provided for shall be considered primarily as for the benefit of the people of the section as a whole and particularly the domestic and rural consumers to whom the power can economically be made available...
Pagina 378 - Mr. Chairman and gentlemen of the committee. My name is Clyde T. Ellis. I am executive manager of the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association, the national service organization of over 90 percent of the rural electric systems in the country.
Pagina 286 - SEC. 5. The President is hereby authorized and directed to negotiate an arrangement with the government of the State of New York for the transfer to the appropriate agency of that State of the power facilities on the United States side of the International Rapids constructed pursuant to this joint resolution, the cost to be determined in accordance with the method of allocation included in the joint recommendation of the Corps of Engineers.
Pagina 316 - July 15, 1957. Hon. SAM RAYBURN, Speaker of the House of Representatives Washington, DC MY DEAR MR. SPEAKER: There is forwarded herewith a draft of proposed legislation "to amend section 507 and subsection 602 (a) of the Federal Property and Administrative Services Act of 1949, as amended," together with a sectional analysis thereof and a supplemental statement of justification.
Pagina 370 - ... corporate municipal instrumentality of the state to be known as "The Power Authority of the State of New York," hereinafter referred to as the power authority, which shall be a body corporate and politic, a political subdivision of the state, exercising governmental and public powers, perpetual in duration, capable of suing and being sued, and having...
Pagina 259 - ... back to your mother, that great, troubled, lovely woman, think about it a little. And then maybe you won't want quite so much to nag at Kevin, to be insolent to your mother, to shut yourself away from us like the Wounded Fawn of romantic eighteenth century novels. We are all in this together, son. That is the way it should be and that is the way it is.
Pagina 371 - ... sale to and use by industry shall be a secondary purpose, to be utilized principally to secure a sufficiently high load factor and revenue returns which will permit domestic and rural use at the lowest possible rates and in such manner as to encourage increased domestic and rural use of electricity
Pagina 58 - SEC. 2. It is the sense of the Congress that it would be desirable for the President to negotiate with Canada a treaty or treaties with reference to the matters provided for in articles VII and IX of the agreement of March 19, 1941, including provisions with respect...
Pagina 3 - That, as provided by article XIII of the Boundary Waters Treaty of 1909 between the United States and Great Britain...