Amendments to the Agricultural Marketing Agreement Act of 1937: Hearings, Ninety-first Congress, Second Session ...

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Pagina 15 - The Bureau of the Budget has advised the Treasury Department that there is no objection from the standpoint of the Administration's program to the presentation of this report. Sincerely yours, STANLEY S. SURREY, Assistant Secretary.
Pagina 37 - Mr. Chairman, if you have any questions, I would be happy to answer them.
Pagina 43 - Stales of America in Congress assembled, That subpart B of part 9 of schedule 1 of the Tariff Schedules of the L/nited States (19 USC 1202) is amended by deleting TSUS Items Nos. 148.40 through 148.56 inclusive and by inserting in lieu thereof immediately after, and subordinate to, the superior heading, "Olives, fresh or prepared or preserved:" the following new provisions: 148.
Pagina 73 - ... development projects designed to assist, improve, or promote the marketing, distribution, and consumption of any such commodity or product, the expense of such projects to be paid from funds collected pursuant to the marketing order : Provided, That with respect to orders applicable to processing pears, cherries, carrots, citrus fruits, onions, Tokay grapes, fresh pears, dates, plums, nectarines, celery, sweet corn, limes, olives, pecans, or avocados such projects may provide for any form of...
Pagina 14 - ... may provide for crediting the pro rata expense assessment obligations of a handler with all or any portion of his direct expenditures for such marketing promotion including paid advertising as may be authorized by the order...
Pagina 21 - ... fresh pears" is currently specified therein. It is our suggestion that the amended provision delete the word "fresh" immediately preceding the word "pears" rather than add the words "processing pears". It would then read "* * * Provided, That with respect to orders applicable to cherries, carrots, citrus fruits, onions, Tokay grapes, pears * * * such projects may provide for any form of marketing promotion including paid advertising.
Pagina 3 - Division of the Consumer and Marketing Service of the US Department of Agriculture. (b) Director. "Director" means the Director of the Cotton Division.
Pagina 70 - Thank you, Mr. Chairman. I think it would be in order for me to thank Mrs.
Pagina 63 - I cover in my statement, and I ask unanimous consent that my statement be included in the record. I...

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