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CHAPTER I.-Indecorous Language of Mr. Ingersoll-Father Lambert's Vulgar and

Abusive Methods—" Physician, Heal Thyself"–The Promise to "Grant Nothing and to

Take Nothing for Granted,” followed by the Substitution of Assertion for Proof—“Glib

Little Whiffets,” and “Smirched Character”,

CHAPTER II.-Priestly Metaphysics, according to which God, Time, Space, and Matter

must be Annihilated !-Freedom of the Will-Unsolved Problems....

CHAPTER III -Law-Laws and Nonentities—An Insane Conclusion-The Inductive and

Deductive Processes of Reasoning-Witches, Heretics, and Unbaptized Infants-Cruelty

of Dogmatism-Small Criticisms-Definition of Law, etc.........

CHAPTER IV.—The Black Flag-More Metaphysics—“Pure Act”—Can we know that

God Exists ?--Difference between Knowledge, Belief and Opinion-Human Ignorance-

The Right to Express an Honest Opinion—The Modesty of Science-Moral Right and

Legal Right-Martyrs to Truth; the Debt We Owe Them..........

CHAPTER V.—The Common Scold— The Cotton of Catholicity-The Argument from

“Design”-Eternal Succession of Being—Plurality of Gods—The Fall of Man-Is it Just

that Animals should Endure Uncompensated Suffering because “ In Adam's Fall we Sinned

All ?”—Divine Mercy not a Sin-License......

CHAPTER VI.-Mr. Ingersoll's Reply to the Argument from “ Design"-Self-existence

Alleged by Father Lambert to Imply the Infinity and Perfection of every Attribute; the

Fallacy of the Doctrine—“Infinite Justice" a Redundant Expression; the Word Just not

Logically Admitting of Degrees of Comparison-God Supposed to be Flattered by Compli-

mentary Words—The Finite Cannot Measure the Infinite, but may Test its Nature and

Quality-Opinion, Good or Bad, is Judgment............

CHAPTER VII.-The Priest “Begs the Question”-Should we Pin our Faith to the

Sleeves of Great Men?- The Spirit of Inquiry in the Air-Subtle and Ingenious Argument

from Brownson's Quarterly Review; its Fallacy-Logic and Logical Quibbles--Good-bye

to Metaphysics-Is the Bible Inspired ?.

CHAPTER VIII.-Father Lambert on the Æsthetic-Art Culture-Painting and Sculpture

-The Jews as an Art Cultivating People Contrasted with Greeks, Romans, etc.--The

Father's Definition of Art too Contracted—“The Roving Lecturer”.

CHAPTER IX.-Jewish Atrocities Charg d on God--The Right of God to Inflict Wan-

ton Suffering on His Creatures Denied-God has no Right to do Wrong-Justice with

God and Man Qualitatively Alike though Quantitatively Unequal-Gross Conceptions of

Deity-Jewish Barbarities—“Captive Maidens”-Lying Spirits, etc., etc.......

CHAPTER X.-A Grand Fallacy-Witches, Ghosts and Demons - The Myths of Mythol-

ogy—“Religious Toleration, Free Thought and Treason”-Idolatries of King Solomon

-" The Liberty to Think Error.


CHAPTER XI.–Father Lambert's Dignified Headings—Human Ignorance and Divine

Pity-Sinful Ignorance-Wars of Persecution-Exterminating the Heathen—The Father's

Advice to“ Brain” the Infants of Savages........


CHAPTER XII.--Wars of Extermination-Slavery-Defensive Wars not Wars of Con-

quest-Alleged Superiority of Physical over Moral Power.............


CHAPTER XIII.-Liberty-Polygamy-Rousseau's Opinion of Philosophers-Philosophy

and Theology Compared...........


CHAPTER XIV.-Woman's Rights and the Bible-Woman's Condition in Heathen and

Pagan Nations-Mr. Ingersoll's Articles Garbled and Misquoted in the “Notes”-St.

Paul and Woman's Rights.........

CHAPTER XV.-Adam, Eve, and the Serpent–The Comparative Merits of Jews and

Heathens-Carrion Flesh for Strangers and Aliens—The God of the Jews Established

Slavery—“Exterminate" Defined—William Penn and the Indians.....

CHAPTER XVI.-Argument and Assumption-Slavery-Polygamy-Legislation of the

Roman Catholic Church Against Slavery-Father Lambert to Make a “ Point” Splits a

Sentence in Two and Changes Punctuation-Misquotations by the Father-Slavery in

Itself, is it Sinful ?-Blanchard and Rice's Debate on Slavery-Miracles.....


CHAPTER XVII.—The Authorship of the Gospels—The Gospels do not Purport to have

been written by Matthew, Mark, Luke ard John-Diverse Renderings in Manuscripts of

the Scriptures-Orthodox Authority-Original Purity of Text of Scripture Early Lost-

Catholic Authority-The Bible does not Prove Itself—Translations of Scripture-Miracles. 120

CHAPTER XVIII.-Miracles-Hume-Gibbon-Witchcraft a Superstition-Catholic Tes-

timony—“The Star in the East" and the “Wise Men ”—Fenelon and the Bible Question

- Josephus—Tooley Street Tailors—The Prodigies Attending the Birth of Jesus-Renan

on Miracles........


CHAPTER XIX.-Father Lambert's Chow-chow Method–The Dogma of Atonement-

Necessity of Belief and of the Second Birth-Josephus Again-Rev. Lambert's Terrible

Mistake about John's Reference to the Ascension-Genealogy of Jesus.....


CHAPTER XX.-Proof of Miracles—Who Wrote the Gospels ?–The Evangelists Neither

Claim to Write by Authority nor to be Guided by Inspiration-Neither Catholics nor Prot-

estants have an Authoritative Translation of the Scriptures—The Father's Statements

Show that John the Apostle could not have Written the Fourth Gospel...............


CHAPTER XXI.-The Honest Infidel-Should Men be punished for Honest Belief?-

Judas Iscariot-If Catholicity is the True Faith the Whole Protestant World will be Sent

to Hell to Keep Company with the Infidel-Vicarious Suffering, etc., etc............


CHAPTER XXII.-Non-Resistance-The Standard of Right and Wrong Experience

Teaches that Evil Acts Produce Evil Consequences—A Saint and Father of the Catholic

Church Justified the Polygamy of the Jews...........


CHAPTER XXIII.--Father Lambert's Vulgar and Abusive Methods Chargeable, not to

the Man, but to his Religion-The Millennial Dawn—"Criticism Born of the Present

Generation”-Catholic Lambs and Green Pastures-Noble and Pure Religions of the

Ancient Nations-Conclusion....




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