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SHOULD censure be visited upon the writer for having penned the following essay for public inspection, such reproof cannot, in justice, proceed from adherents to the Roman Catholic faith. From attacks from that earnest and devout class the author may safely shelter himself behind the sacred vestments of the Reverend Father whose urgent and repeated invitation has called forth this reply.

The author desires it to be distinctly understood that his present task was undertaken in response to multiple requests and challenges scattered through the length and breadth of the land and wafted in profusion to foreign shores.

This zeal is not to be deprecated. So confident is the Father of the impenetrability of his armor that, like a second Fitz James, he defies one and all of the friends of free thought to expend their might on his shield and helmet.

Come one, come all ! this rock shall fly

From its firm base, as soon as I.”

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