Hearings, Reports and Prints of the Senate Committee on Armed Services, Partea 1

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Pagina 217 - Protection of our land-based retaliatory forces against a direct attack by the Soviet Union. Defense of the American people against the kind of nuclear attack which Communist China is likely to be able to mount within the decade. Protection against the possibility of accidental attacks from any source.
Pagina 133 - Third, in cases involving other types of aggression we shall furnish military and economic assistance when requested in accordance with our treaty commitments. But we shall look to the nation directly threatened to assume the primary responsibility for providing the manpower for its defense.
Pagina 343 - None of the funds authorized to be appropriated by this Act may be used to carry out any research project or study unless such project or study has a direct and apparent relationship to a specific military function or operation.
Pagina 481 - Mr. Chairman, that concludes my statement. I would be pleased to respond to any questions you might have.
Pagina 15 - In the effort to harmonize doctrine and capability, we chose what is best described as the "I-1 2 war" strategy. Under it we will maintain in peacetime general purpose forces adequate for simultaneously meeting a major Communist attack in either Europe or Asia, assisting allies against non-Chinese threats in Asia, and contending with a contingency elsewhere.
Pagina 12 - While we will maintain our interests in Asia and the commitments that flow from them, the changes taking place in that region enable us to change the character of our involvement The responsibilities once borne by the United States at such great cost can now be shared.
Pagina 459 - ... and to promote the full realization of equal employment opportunity through a continuing affirmative program in each executive department and agency. This policy of equal opportunity applies to and must be an integral part of every aspect of personnel policy and practice in the employment, development, advancement, and treatment of civilian employees of the Federal Government.
Pagina 15 - The stated basis of our conventional posture in the 1960's was the so-called 2i/£ war principle. According to it, US forces would be maintained for a 3-month conventional forward, defense of NATO, a defense of Korea or Southeast Asia against a full-scale Chinese attack, and a minor contingency — all simultaneously.
Pagina 90 - Unified Commands; the transport and tactical airlift aircraft in the reserve components of all the Services : certain cargo and transport aircraft of the Navy and Marine Corps ; specialized transportation forces such as aero-medical airlift units and aerial port squadrons; and the troopships, cargo ships, tankers and Forward Floating Depot (FFD) ships operated by the Military Sea Transportation Service (MSTS).
Pagina 414 - I must emphasize, however, that DoD has continuing, clear needs for certain selected foreign research and development projects. In some areas of communications, meteorology and medical research, for example, it is simply not possible to meet key DoD goals without supporting some research abroad. Often there are requirements for unique environmental or geographic characteristics which are essential for the investigation. In general, because the scientific community is essentially international...

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