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K. HEN. If Richard will be true, not that alone,* But all the whole inheritance I give,

That doth belong unto the house of York,
From whence you spring by lineal descent.

PLAN. Thy humble fervant vows obedience,
And humble fervice, till the point of death.
K. HEN. Stoop then, and fet your knee against
my foot;

And, in reguerdon of that duty done,
I girt thee with the valiant fword of York:
Rife, Richard, like a true Plantagenet;
And rife created princely duke of York.

PLAN. And fo thrive Richard, as thy foes may fall! And as my duty springs fo perifh they

That grudge one thought against your majefty!
ALL. Welcome, high prince, the mighty duke of


SOM. Perish, base prince, ignoble duke of York!


GLO. Now will it beft, avail your majefty,
To cross the feas, and to be crown'd in France:
The prefence of a king engenders love
Amongst his fubjects, and his loyal friends;
As it difanimates his enemies.

K. HEN. When Glofter fays the word, king Henry


For friendly counsel cuts off many


GLO. Your fhips already are in readiness.

[Exeunt all but EXETER.

that alone,] By a miftake probably of the transcriber,

the old copy reads that all alone. The correction was made by the editor of the fecond folio. MALONE.


-—reguerdon] Recompence, return. JOHNSON.

It is perhaps a corruption of regardum, middle Latin, Vol. VII. p. 236, n. 8. STEEVENS.


EXE. Ay, we may march in England, or in France, Not feeing what is likely to enfue:


This late diffention, grown, betwixt the peers,
Burns under feigned afhes of forg'd love, '
And will at laft break out into a flame:
As fefter'd members rot but by degrees,
Till bones, and flefh, and finews, fall away,
So will this bafe and envious difcord breed.
And now I fear that fatal prophecy,
Which, in the time of Henry, nam'd the fifth,
Was in the mouth of every fucking babe,-
That Henry, born at Monmouth, fhould win all;
And Henry, born at Windsor, should lose all:
Which is fo plain, that Exeter doth wish
His days may finifh ere that hapless time. 4 [Exit.


France. Before Rouen.

Enter LA PUCELLE difguis'd and Soldiers dressed like countrymen, with facks upon their backs.

Puc. Thefe are the city gates, the gates of Rouen,5 Through which our policy muft make a breach:

? Burns unter feigned afhes of forg'd love,]

Ignes fuppofitos cineri dolofo." Hor. MALONE.

3 So will this bafe and envious difcord breed. That is, so will the malignity of this discord propagate itself, and advance. JOHNSON.

4 His days may finish &c.] The duke of Exeter died fhortly after the meeting of this parliament, and the Earl of Warwick was appointed governor or tutor to the king in his room. MALONE. 5 the gates of Roüen, Here, and throughout the play, in the old copy, we have, Roan, which was the old fpelling of Rouen.


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Take heed, be wary how you place your words;
Talk like the vulgar fort of market-men,
That come to gather money for their corn.
If we have entrance, (as, I hope, we shall,)
And that we find the flothful watch but weak,
I'll by a fign give notice to our friends,
That Charles the Dauphin may encounter them.
1. SOL. Our facks fhall be a mean to fack the


And we be lords and rulers over Rouen;
Therefore we'll knock.

GUARD. [Within.] Qui eft là?'

Puc. Paifans, pauvres gens de France:


Poor market-folks, that come to fell their corn. GUARD. Enter, go in; the market-bell is rung. [Opens the gates. Puc. Now, Rouen, I'll fhake thy bulwarks to the ground.

[PUCELLE, &c. enter the city.

The word, confequently, is used as a monofyllable. See Vol. XIII. p. 372, n. 7. MALONE.

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I do not perceive the neceffity of confidering Rouen here as a monofyllable. Would not the verfe have been fufficiently regular, had the scene been in England, and authorized Shakspeare to write (with a diffyllabical termination, familiar to the drama) Thefe are the city gates, the gates of London? Our facks fhall be a mean to fack the city,] fame quibble, fhowing his bottle of fack: a city." STEEVENS.

7.Qui eft là?] Old copy

anfwerable. MALONE.


Falftaff has the "Here's that will fack

Che la. For the emendation I am

Late editions-Qui va la? STEEVENS.

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