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HEREAS Our Trusty and Well-beloved
Richard Smith, of our City of London, Book-

seller, has humbly represented unto Us, that he has, with great Labour, and Expence, prepared for the Press, a new Edition of the Sermons, and other Works, written in English by the Right Reverend Father in God, Dr.William Beveridge, Bishop of St. Afaph, deceased; and has therefore humbly bcsought Us to grant him our Royal Privilege and License, for the sole Printing and Publishing thercof, for the Term of Fourteen Years: We being willing to give all due Encouragement to Works of this Nature, tending to the Advancement of Piety and Learning, are graciously pleased to condescend to his Request: And do therefore, by these Presents, grant to him the faid Richard Smith, his Executors, Adminiftrators and Assigns, Our Royal License for the sole Printing and Publishing the English Works of the said late Bishop of St. Afaph, for the Term of Fourteen Years, from the Date hereof; strictly forbidding all Our Subjects, within our Kingdoms and Dominions, to Reprint the same, either in whole, or in part; or to import, buy, vend, utter, or distribute any Copies thereof reprinted beyond Scas, during the aforesaid Term of Fourteen Years, without the Consent and approbation of the said Richard Smith, his Heirs, Executors, and Assigns, under his or their Hands and Seals first had and obtained, as they will answer the contrary at their Perils. Whereof the Master, Wardens, and Company of Stationers are to take notice, that the same may be entred in their Register, and that due Obedience be rendred thereunto. Given at our Court at Kenlington, the sth Day of June, 1708, in the Seventh Tear of our Reign.

By Her Majesty's Command,


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HE Volumes, I am now presenting the World T with, are, truly speaking, no orber than loose

Papers; and the Author, that great and

venerable Prelate, whose Name ibey bear, does not seem to have design'd them for the Press: And upon this Account it is I have debated for some Time with my self, whether a Publication of them would any ways-lessen the Esteem of that Good and Excellent Man; whose Labours, in tbe Learned Languages as well as our own, have juftly gained bigb Applause, and done so much good in the World already. Upon consulting then with several Eminent Divines, and other Pious and Learned Gentlemen, my very good Friends, they did, after Ferusal, conceive of them as just and choice Fragments, containing a Summary of the Christian Doctrine ; the several Topicks being digested in a most excelient Method, confirm'd from several Parallel Places of Scripture ; and very often illustrated, in the like concise manner, from the Testimonies of Fathers, Councils, &c. And upon these Confiderations, I perswade niy self, what I offer will be in some measure serviceable to all in general that apply themselves to the Study of the Holy Scriptures, especially the Clergy, who will

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here meet with so sure a Guide, and bave so true a Foundation laid for the Superstructure they fall think fit to raise upon it. And I have been still more inclined to think they may serve these good Ends, after those many Letters I have received from several Parts of tbis Kingdom, as well as from abroad, full of earnest Sollicitations to oblige the World with the Remains of that person, wbose profound Learning, exemplary Piety, and singular Humility bas so much endear'd bis Memory to the whole Christian World; and more especially to chose that have a just sense of Religion or their Minds,

A CATALOGUE of the Greek, Latin, and English

Works of tbe Right Reverend Father in God William Beveridge, D. D. late Lord Bishop of St. Asaph.


E Linguarum Orientalium præsertim Hebraică, Chaldaicæ, Syriacæ,

Arabicæ & Samaritanæ, cum Grammatica Syriaca tribus libris tra

dita, per G. Beveridgium. 8vo. Londini 1658. N. B. This was writ when the Author was about Eighteen years of Age. and Published when he was Twenty:

Inftitutionum Chronologicarum Libri duo: una cum totidem Arithmetices Chronologica Libellis. Per. G. Beveridgium, M. A. Londini 1699.

SINOAIKON Sive Pande&tæ canonum, S. S. Apoftolorum & conciliorum ab Ecclesiæ Græca receptorum, &c. 2 Tomes, Fol. per Guil. Beveridgium. Oxon, 1672.

Codex canonum Ecclefiæ Primitiæ Vindicatus ac illuftratus, aut hore G. Ben veridgio, Londini 1678.

Private Thoughts upon Religion, digefted into twelve Articles, with Praetical Resolutions for'd thereupon. Written in his younger Years for the settling of his principles and Conduct of his Life. The fifth Edition 12me. Price is. 2 d. in Sleep, and 1 s. 6 d. Calf. The 8vo. Price 3 s. 65.

N. B. This Book was writ when the Author was about Three or Four and Twenty Years old.

The Great Neceflity and Advantage of publick Prayer, and frequent communion, detigned to revive Primitive Piery; with Meditations, Ejaculations and Prayers, before, at, and afıer the Sacrament, the third Edit.' Price 3 sa Svo. and is. 6 d. in 12mo. Sermons on several Occasions in Ten Volumes. Price s s. each Volume.

The Church-Catechilm explained, for the Use of the Diocese of St Asaple. Price is bound in Sheep, and 1 s. 4 d, in Calf.

All the English Works Printed for Mi Smith, as his Warehouse in Exeter Change i's Strand

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