Nouveau recueil général de traités et autres actes relatifs aux rapports de droit international: continuation du grand recueil de G. Fr. de Martens. Deuxième série, Volumul 31

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Georg Friedrich Martens, Karl Friedrich Lucian Samwer, Julius Hopf, Felix Stoerk
Dieterich, 1905

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Pagina 600 - The Republic of Panama further grants in like manner to the United States in perpetuity all islands within the limits of the zone above described and in addition thereto the group of small islands in the Bay of Panama, named Perico, Naos, Culebra and Flamenco.
Pagina 601 - States in perpetuity the use, occupation and control of any other lands and waters outside of the zone above described which may be necessary and convenient for the construction, maintenance, operation, sanitation and protection of the said Canal...
Pagina 707 - Ont résolu de conclure une Convention à cet effet et ont nommé pour Leurs Plénipotentiaires, savoir...
Pagina 260 - The high contracting parties having mutually recognized the independence of China and of Korea, declare themselves to be entirely uninfluenced by any aggressive tendencies in either country. Having in view, however, their special interests, of which those of Great Britain relate principally to China, while Japan, in addition to the interests which she possesses in China, is interested in a peculiar degree politically, as well as commercially and industrially, in Korea...
Pagina 432 - Aucun témoin, quelle que soit sa nationalité, qui, cité dans l'un des deux Pays, comparaîtra volontairement devant les juges de l'autre Pays, ne pourra y être poursuivi ou détenu pour des faits...
Pagina 705 - In case of the death of any citizen of Germany in the United States, or of any citizen of the United States in the German Empire without having in the country of his decease any known heirs or testamentary executors by him appointed, the competent local authorities shall at once inform the nearest consular officer of the nation to which the deceased belongs of the circumstance, in order that the necessary information may be immediately forwarded to parties interested.
Pagina 717 - Elle entrera en vigueur immédiatement après l'échange des ratifications et demeurera exécutoire jusqu'à l'expiration d'une année à partir du jour où l'une des Hautes Parties contractantes aura notifié son intention d'en faire cesser les effets.
Pagina 601 - The appraisal of said private lands and private property and the assessment of damages to them shall be based upon their value before the date of this convention.
Pagina 260 - The Governments of Great Britain and Japan, actuated solely by a desire to maintain the status quo and general peace in the Extreme East, being moreover specially interested in maintaining the independence and territorial integrity of the Empire of China and the Empire of Korea, and in securing equal opportunities in those countries for the commerce and industry of all nations, hereby agree as follows : ARTICLE I.
Pagina 347 - Ne sera pas réputé délit politique ni fait connexe à un semblable délit l'attentat contre la personne d'un souverain étranger ou contre celle des membres de sa famille, lorsque cet attentat constituera le fait soit de meurtre, soit d'assassinat, soit d'empoisonnement.

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