Prayer for Parish Groups: Preparing and Leading Prayer for Group Meetings

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Saint Mary's Press, 1998 - 252 pagini
Experience has shown that prayer is at the heart of all that parish groups do. Prayer for Parish Groups offers over 100 prayer services for groups to use in gatherings. In addition to prayers, each prayer service presents words of the Scriptures and a reflection. The book's introductory chapters offer ideas for preparing and leading prayer services. The easily adapted prayer services cover a wide variety of themes, including liturgical seasons, feasts, and the seasons of nature. Indexes of themes and scriptural passages make finding the right prayer service a simple task.

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Prayer Sessions on Various Themes
That Dreams would Soar
In Silence Peace
Called into Community
Hear the Bird Sing 136
Christ Before Behind and Around 138
Sing Gods Praise 140
The Church as Home 142
A Youthful Heart 144
In this Place 146
The MiddleTime 148
The journey inwards 150

Our Action isnt Everything 68
Fill us with your Spirit 70
Called by Name 72
With all creation we praise you God 74
Fire on Earth 76
Pilgrim Prayer 78
Work 84
Gospel Blessings 86
Giving Thanks 90
Lift up your Hearts 94
Fathering and Mothering God 96
Longing for the Lord 98
Prayer of the Compulsive Worker 100
A Disciples Path 102
Struggle and Contemplation 104
The Seasons of Life 106
Embracing the Lords Call 108
Carers Need Caring 110
God in the Stillness 114
Paths 116
All our Tomorrows 120
Hands 122
Fruitful Lives in God 124
Dream Gods Dream 126
Sacrament of Silence 128
Rekindling Commitment 130
God in Every Creature 134
Courage to Enter In 152
A Parable for todays Church 154
Dying to Live your Life 156
Gifts in the Group 158
Checking in with the Group 160
Gospel Mysteries of Community 166
Gospel Mysteries of Mission 168
Begin Again 170
Prayer before a Meeting 172
Prayer for the Meeting 174
At the Beginning of the Day 176
Before Work 178
Praise the Lord for the Seasons 182
An Awaiting People 184
Prepare the Way 186
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