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December 14, 1982:

Hon. Jerome Shestack, former Ambassador to the U.N. Commission on

Human Rights .....

Tom Johnson, U.S. Mission to the U.N., U.N. Economic and Social Coun-


Sidney Liskofsky, director, International Organizations, American Jewish




Letter dated February 4, 1982 to Leonid Brezhnev, President, U.S.S.R., from

80 Members of the House of Representatives regarding the emigration of

the Vashchenko and Chmykhalov families from the Soviet Union.

Letter dated February 4, 1982 to President Reagan from 80 Members of the

House of Representatives regarding the Vashchenko and Chmykhalov fami-

lies ........

Letter dated November 1, 1981 to the Society of Americans for Vashchenko

emigration from the Vashchenko family

Statement by the Society of Americans for Vashchenko Emigration, Jane

Drake, spokesman.

Letter dated_January 6, 1982 to Leonid Brezhnev, President, and Andrei

Gromyko, Foreign Minister, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, from the

Vashchenko family regarding emigration .....

Statement by David A. Harris, director, Washington office, National Confer-

ence on Soviet Jewry.

Article entitled “In Many Places It's Still Dangerous to Believe," published in

United Presbyterian A.D., April 1981.

Declaration on the Elimination of All Forms of Intolerance and of Discrimi-

nation Based on Religion or Belief as adopted by the Third Committee of

the General Assembly November 9, 1981...

Letter dated January 15, 1982 to Most Rev. Thomas C. Kelly, U.S. Catholic

Conference, from Jeremiah Brennan, regional supervisor of Maryknoll in

Chile, regarding actions by the Chilean Government to expel priests, reli-

gious, and lay persons

Text of H. Con. Res. 249, condemning religious persecution and bigotry as an

official policy or practice of national governments ......

Statement by Hon. Edward Derwinski, a Representative from the State of

Illinois, regarding H. Con. Res. 249 and the persecution of the Baha'is in

Iran .....

Letter dated February 15, 1979 to Hon. Edward Derwinski from Glenford

Mitchell, secretary, National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'is of the

United States

Letter dated June 26, 1981 to Kurt Waldheim, Secretary General of the

United Nations, from Hon. Edward Derwinski and Hon. Dan Mica, a Repre-

sentative from the State of Florida, regarding the plight of the Baha'is........

Letter dated June 16, 1981 to Hon. Edward Derwinski from Glenford Mitchell

regarding the plight of the Baha'is.....

Telegram dated June 15, 1981 to U.N. Secretary Kurt Waldheim from Glen-

ford Mitchell regarding the execution of seven Baha'is.

Congressional Record insert from July 24, 1981, by Hon. Edward Derwinski

entitled “Ramsey Clark, Where Are You When We Need You"

Article by Firuz Kazemzadeh entitled "For Baha'is in Iran, a Threat of

Extinction,” printed in the New York Times, August 6, 1981, and reprinted

in the Congressional Record September 15, 1981, submitted by Hon. Edward


Text of H. Con. Res. 283, deploring the religious persecution of peoples of the

Baha'i faith by the Government of Iran....

U.N. Economic

and Social Council resolution on the Baha'is in Iran dated

March 11, 1982.

Excerpt from "A Cry from the Heart” by William Sears, submitted by Hon.

Fortney Stark, Jr.

Text of S. Con. Res. 18, regarding the persecution of the Ukrainian Orthodox

and Catholic Churches and other religions in the U.S.S.R...

Open letter to the people in the West from the Vashchenko family in

Moscow, June 10, 1982.

Letter dated February 2, 1982 from Lidia Vashchenko regarding her stay in a

hospital in Moscow..

Letter to Lidia Vashchenko from Warren Zimmerman, Deputy Chief of Mis-

sion, U.S. Embassy in the U.S.S.R.

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Letter dated July 4, 1982 to President Reagan from Reverend Hruby, Rev.

Cecil Williamson, President, S.A.V.E., and R. T. Davies, member, board of
directors, Research Center for Religion and Human Rights in Closed Soci-
eties, regarding the Vashchenko and Chmykhalov families in the U.S.

Embassy in Moscow ......
Article entitled “Vashchenkos Again Denied Emigration," published in the

Montgomery Advertiser, June 10, 1982
Article by the Associated Press entitled "Pentecostalists Start Second Hunger

Strike," published in the Montgomery Advertiser July 2, 1982
Article by the Associated Press entitled "Soviet Living at U.S. Embassy Says

Kin Beaten for Protest,” published in the Alabama Journal, April 27, 1982 ..
Editorial by the Alabama Journal entitled “Red Brutality" published April

29, 1982..
Article by Michael Satchell entitled “Trapped in Moscow,” published in

Parade magazine, January 10, 1982 .......
Statement of Richard Davies, retired Foreign Service Officer, in support of

Senate bill 312 and H. Con. Res. 100...
Statement of Richard Davies entitled "Waiting for President Reagan,” regard-

ing the Pentecostalists in the American Embassy in Moscow
Text of H. Con. Res. 378, a resolution condemning the Iranian persecution of

the Baha'i community Statement by the National Conference on Soviet Jewry entitled “Restrictions

on Jewish Culture in the U.S.S.R.," submitted by Theodore Mann Statement by the National Conference on Soviet Jewry entitled “The State of

the Jewish Religion in the U.S.S.R.”.
Letter dated February 1, 1982 to Theodore Mann from Vice President George

Editorial by the New York Times entitled “Still ‘The Prisonhouse of Peo-

ples'” published on January 26, 1982.
Article entitled "Bush Pledges Forceful Policy on Soviet Jews" published in

the New York Times on January 29, 1982, submitted by Theodore Mann......
Chart on Soviet Jewish emigration statistics.
Statement by Max Kampelman, Chairman, U.S. Delegation Plenary Session,

Council for Security and Cooperation in Europe, December 1, 1981.....
List of Jewish scientists stripped of their degrees and Jewish prisoners in the

List of Jewish prisoners in the U.S.S.R.
Press releases dated January 11, 1982 and December 3, 1980 in Shomer Achi

Anochi regarding Anatoly Shcharansky
Letter dated June 23, 1982 to Senator Alan Cranston from David Waksberg,

executive director, San Francisco Bay area Council on Soviet Jewry, regard-
ing Mr. Waksberg's trip to the U.S.S.R.
Memorandum by the Soviet Jewry Legal Advocacy Center entitled "Soviet

Harassment of Foreign Tourists Violates the Helsinki Final Act," published

in Alert magazine Biographies of Soviet refuseniks. Statement of Rt. Rev. Msgr. Norberto Hacbang, vicar general, Calbayog Dio

cese and parish priest, Catbalogan, Samar, Philippines... Statement by the National Council of Churches in Korea entitled “Our View

of Recent Church-State Incidents,” April 26, 1982 .... Statement by the Korean Christian Action Organization, “Our Viewpoint

with Regard to the Arson at the American Cultural Center in Pusan,"

April 15, 1982 ...
Statement by Moon Bu Shik addressed to Cardinal Kim entitled “Why I

Committed Arson," March 1982...
Statement by the Catholic Justice and Peace Commission of Korea entitled

"Toward a Correct Understanding of Church Activities,” August 20, 1982 ..... Text of H. Con. Res. 428, condemning all forms of religious persecution and

discrimination as a violation of human rights .. Article entitled “Boldenow and Dekker Forced to Leave Guatemala,” pub

lished in the Banner, October 25, 1982 ........ Editorial including "Open Letter to General Efrain Rios Montt, President of

the Military Junta, Guatemala,” published in the Banner, November 15,

Statement on the Persecution of Protestants in Nicaragua, submitted by

Humberto Belli ....
Statement of Archbishop Roach regarding Nicaragua....
Pope John Paul's letter dated June 29, 1982 to the Bishops of Nicaragua

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U.N. resolution on anti-Semitism and other forms of racial prejudice and religious intolerance, adopted March 16, 1960 .....

APPENDIXES 1. Text of H. Con. Res. 100, a resolution expressing the sense of the Congress

with respect to the situation of two Russian families who have sought refuge in the U.S. Embassy in Moscow because of the suppression of their

Pentecostal faith by the Government of the Soviet Union... 2. Letter dated July 1, 1981 to full committee chairman, Clement Zablocki

from Hon. Richard Fairbanks, Assistant Secretary for Congressional Rela

tions, expressing the views of the State Department on H. Con. Res. 100... 3. Text of H. Res. 269, a resolution calling upon the Union of Soviet Socialist

Republics to permit the immigration of Yuli Kosharovsky and his immedi

ate family to Israel 4. Letter dated February 5, 1982 to Chairman Zablocki from Hon. Alvin Paul

Drischler, Acting Assistant Secretary for Congressional Relations, express

ing the views of the State Department on H. Res. 269.. 5. Article by Firuz Kazemzadeh entitled "The Terror Facing the Baha'is,'

published in the New York Review of Books, May 13, 1982........ 6. Maps of Iran showing Baha'i Holy places and historical sites confiscated,

Baha'i centers confiscated, cemeteries destroyed, and attacks on individual

Baha'is.... 7. Baha'is killed in Iran since 1978.. 8. Letter dated July 8, 1982 to subcommittee Chairman, Don Bonker from

Hon. Edward J. Derwinski, regarding S. Con. Res. 18... 9. Letter dated June 9, 1982 to Hon. Jack Brooks, Representative from the

State of Texas, from Rabbi Daniel Horwitz, regarding a family of Jewish

dissidents in the Soviet Union....
10. Preface from “Martyrdom in Ukraine-Russia Denies Religious Freedom”

by Walter Dushnyck, published by America Press, 1948
11. Excerpt from article by Bohdan R. Bociurkiw entitled “Religious Situation

in Soviet Ukraine” published in Ukraine in a Changing World, 1977
12. Newsletter of the World Congress of Free Ukrainians, dated June 1982....
13. Open letter to government leaders in the free world from Patriarch

Cardinal Josyt, published in the Ukrainian Quarterly, Autumn 1979.
14. Letter of Rev. Vasyl Romanyuk to Pope Paul VI, printed in the Ukrainian

Quarterly, Summer 1976....
15. Letter dated March 15, 1982 to Chairman Bonker from Prof. Andrew T.

Kopan, professor of education, DePaul University, regarding persecution of
Christians in Turkey
16. Statement by Hon. Bill Green, a Representative from the State of New

York, regarding the Falasha Jews in Ethiopia
17. Statement by the National Jewish Community Relations Advisory Council

regarding Ethiopian Jews....
18. Excerpts of letters written by Jews in Ethiopia, submitted by Henry

Rosenberg ...
19. Letter dated November 24, 1982 to subcommittee Chairman Don. Bonker

from Shawky F. Karas, president of the American Coptic Association re

garding Pope Shenouda in Egypt ...... 20. Letter dated November 1, 1982 to Yehannon Mar Matthias, Abbot, Abbey

of St. Raphael, from June Ray, Middle East Research Department, Amnesty
International, regarding Pope Shenouda ....
21. Press release from the American Coptic Association regarding the contin-

ued detention of Pope Shenouda, dated October 6, 1982
22. The Copts Newsletter published by the American and Canadian Coptic

Association and Australian Coptic Commission, June 1982 ..
23. Press release by the International Committee for Human Rights in

Taiwan entitled “Dutch Government and Parliament Express Concern
About the Lack of Democracy and Human Rights in Taiwan," September 1,

1982, submitted by Shoki Coe
24. Press release from the Church Coalition for Human Rights in the Philip-

pines entitled “Marcos Intensifies Assault on Philippine Churches” Septem

ber 22, 1982......... 25. Excerpts from a report entitled "Chinese Human Rights Abuses in Tibet:

1959-82," prepared by the Office of Tibet, October 7, 1982 26. Text of H. Con. Res. 433, a resolution condemning all forms of religious

persecution and discrimination as a violation of human rights















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