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grain is bend-ing low,
grain is bend-ing low, In breez-es, In the breez-es gen


and fro,

as reapers! Who will be the first to

b b b b

Far and wide the ripened
Far and wide the rip - ened

O answer! Far


and wide the

Breez-es gently tly

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Rouse ye, O sleep-ers, Ye are need-ed as

reap-ers, And the gold - en har-vest days are swiftly passing by.

No. 219. All Hail the Power of Jesus' Name.

E. Perronet.



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royal saves you maj - es




a- dem,

His grace,

as - cribe, last-ing song,




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And crown Him Lord

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No. 220.

O Zion, Haste.

1.0 Zi-on, haste, thy mis-sion high fulfilling, To tell to all the 2. Be-hold how many thousands still are lying, Bound in the dark-some 3. Pro-claim to ev'ry peo-ple, tongue and na-tion That God in Whom they 4. Give of Thy sons to bear the message glorious; Give of thy wealth to

world that God is Light; That He who made all na-tions is not willing pris - on-house of sin, With none to tell them of the Sav-ior's dy - ing, live and move is love: Tell how He stooped to save His lost cre · a- tion, speed them on their way; Pour out thy soul for them in prayer vic-to-rious;

One soul should per - ish,
Or of the life He
And died on earth that
And all thou spend-est

Tidings of peace;


James Walch.

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Tidings of Jesus, Redemption and re-lease.

No. 221.

Sabine Baring-Gould.

Onward, Ghristian Soldiers.

2. At the sign of
3. Like a might-y
4. On-ward, then, ye

1. On-ward, Christian soldiers! Marching as to war, With the cross of Je - sus triumph Sa-tan's host doth flee; On, then, Christian sol-diers, my Moves the Church of God; Brothers, we are tread-ing people! Join our hap-py throng; Blend with ours your voices

ar ·

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Arthur Sullivan.



Going on before! Christ, the royal Master, Leads a-gainst the foe;
to victory! Hell's foun-da-tions quiv - er At the shout of praise;
Where the saints have trod; We are not di - vid ed, All one bod - y
In the tri-umph song; Glory, laud and hon

we, to Christ the King,



March-ing as to war,

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For-ward into bat

tle, See His ban-ner go!

Brothers, lift your voices, Loud your anthems raise. Onward, Christian soldiers!
One in hope and doctrine, One in char-i - ty.
This thro' countless a - ges Men and an-gels sing.

With the cross of Je - sus Go-ing on before.

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No. 222. It Game Upon the Midnight Glear.

E. H. Sears.

1. It came up on
2. Still thro' the clo
3. 0
4. For lo!

O b6

the mid-night clear, That glo-rious ven skies they come, With peace-ful beneath life's crush-ing load, Whose forms are the days are has-t'ning on, By prophet

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From an gels bending near the earth To touch their harps of gold;
And still their heav'n-ly
sic floats O'er all the
Who toil & · long the climbing way With painful
When with the ev · er - cir -cling years Comes round the

world; steps and slow, age of gold;

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"Peace on the earth, good-will to men, From heav'n's all gracious King." A bove its sad and low ly plains They bend Look now! for glad and golden hours Come swiftly When peace shall 0 the earth Its an

hov-'ring wing, on the wing; splen-dors fling,

ver all



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R. Storrs Willis.


The world in solemn still-ness lay To hear the
And ev
o'er its Babel sounds The bless - ed
0 rest beside the wear y road, And hear the
And the whole world send back the song Which now the


song of old, wings un - furled, bend - ing low, bards fore-told,

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