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stand all a. mazed at the love Je of- fers me, Con- fused at the
mar · vel that He would de - scend from His throne di-vine, To res · cue
think of His hands, pierced and bleed-ing, no pay the debt! Such mer - cy, such


grace that soul

SO love and

full • y. He prof - fers me; I trem - ble to know that for re. bel - lious and proud as mine; That He should ex • tend His great de tion can

I for- get? No, no, I will praise and

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me He was cru - ci-fied, That. for me, sin - ner, He suf - fered, He bled and died. love un

to such as I, Suf. - fi-cient to own, to re-deem and to jus - ti - ty. dore at the mer-cy - seat, Un • til at the glo • ri - fied throne I kneel at His feet.

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No. 202.

Reapers Are Needed.

Lizzie DeArmond.



Samuel W. Beazley.

1. Hark to the mu - sic re- sound - ing, Reap-ers are need-ed to · day; Fields are all 2. For-ward with bearts full of glad - ness, Reap-ers, I pray you, make baste; Grain there is 3. Hark to the song they are sing - ingl See, they have treas-ures 80 rare; Soon will the

Let us

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white, to the har · vest

be up and way! · er the Mas - ter is read - y and wait - ing, If not soon gath-ered, will waste; Then let us hear you rebar • vest be end • ed, Haste, then, their tro-phies to share. Let no one be

i • dly

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Raise Me, Jesus, to Thy Bosom.

No. 204.
Geo. Birdseye.


USED BY PERMISSION. * Use small notes in Duet.

Wm. A. Huntley.

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1. Un-an-swered yet? The prayer your lips have pleaded In ag -0.


of heart these man.y 2. Un-an-swered yet? Tho' when you first pre-sent-ed This one p8 - ti tion at the Fa-ther's 3. Un-an-swered yet? Nay, do not say un - grant-ed; Per-haps your part is not yet whol - ly. 4. Un-an-swered yet? Faith can-not be un - an-swered; Her feet were firm ly plant-ed on the

years? throne, done; Rock;

Does faith be- gin to fail, is hope de-part - ing, And think you all
It seemed you could not wait the time of ask - ing, So ur- gent was
The work be-gan when first your prayer was ut - tered, And God will fin
A - mid the wild-est storm prayer stands un-daunt-ed, Nor quails be- fore

in your ish


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vain those falling tears? heart to make it known. wbat He has be-gun. loud-est thun-der shock;

Say not the Fa-ther hath not heard your prayer; You shall have your de-
Tho' years have passed since then, do not de- spair; The Lord will an-swer

If you will keep the in-cense burn-ing there; His glo-ry you shall
She knows Om-nip - o-tence has heard her prayer, And cries, “It shall be

rit. ad lib.


some - time, some-where, You shall have your de - sire, some-time, some-where, you, some-time, some-where, The Lord will an - swer you, some-time, some-where, see,

some - time, some-where, His glo - ry you shall see, some - time, some-where. done, some-time, some-where,” And cries, “It shall be done, some-time, some-where."

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