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God's Peace.

Which falls like sun-shine on the road Of those who trust in Theo.
If we may have thro' all, life's woes Thy peace with in our breast;—
Deems not the tri - al - way too long, But leaves the end with Thee.
Till all life's dis ci - pline shall cease, and we go home to Thee.

Give Me Jesus.

No. 149.

Fanny J. Crosby.


Jno. R. Swency.

1. Take the world, but give me Je - sus,-All its joys are but a name; 2. Take the world, but give me Jo - sus, Sweet-est com-fort of my soul; 3. Take the world, but give me Je - sus, Let me view His con-stant smile; 4. Take the world, but give me Je - sus; In His cross my trust shall be,




D.S.-Oh, the full - ness of re- demp-tion, Pledge of end



Oh, the height and depth of mer - cy! Oh, the length and breadth of love!

No. 150.

Faith of Our Fathers! Frederick W. Faber.

H. F. Hemy, adpt.

1. Faith of our fa -thers! liv - ing still In spite of dun-geon, fire and sword: 2. Our fathers, chained in pris-ons dark, Were still in heart and conscience free; 3. Faith of our fa-thers, God's great pow'r Shall soon all nations win for thee; 4. Faith of our fa-thers, we will love Both friend and foe in all our strife,

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Faith of our fa-thers! ho - ly faith! We will be true to thee till death.

No. 151.

Now the Day is Over.

Sabine Barlog-Gould.

Josepb Barnby.

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os 1. While we pray, and while we plead, While you see your soul's deep need, 2. You have wan-dered far a way;

Do pot risk an - oth - er day; 3. In the world you've failed to find Aught of peace for troub-led mind: 4. Come to Christ, con-fes-sion make; Come to Christ and par-don take;

While your Fa-ther calls you home, Will you not, my broth-er, come?
Do not turn from God your face, But, to - day, ac-cept His grace.
Come to Christ, on Him be • lieve, Peace and joy you shall re - ceive.
Trust in Him from day to day, He will keep you all the way.

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all that would a- larm; Gone ev - er-more, and by His grace I know The doubts and fears within; Once was a-fraid to trust a lov - ing God, But now the light I see; Once I was dead, but now in Christ I live, To

D. S.-Be-cause He first loved me, And

D. S.

precious blood of Je-sus cleanses white as snow. now my guilt is washed away in Je-sus' blood. I love Him, I love Him, tell the world the peace that He a - lone can give.

purchased my sal - va

tion on Calvry's tree.

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