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1. Song-land fair, O-ver there, Free from sorrow, free from care; Angels bright, 2. Toils are o'er, Near the shore, Near the blessed Ever-more; Hand in hand,

Robed in white, Dwell in peace and pure de-light. By and by, Shadows nigh,
Near the strand, Near the shin-ing Summer Land; Where we go, Fountains flow

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No. 187.

S. L.

He Loves Even Me.


Scott Lawrence.

1. When I think of my Sav-ior's great love, In com-ing from Heav-en a2. When I think of the thorns on His brow, Seems as if I can see Je-sus 3. When I think how He saves me from sin, Though often un-grate-ful I've

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bove, To die on the tree For a sin-ner like me, I am sure that He now, As He suf-fered for me," That my soul might be free: I am sure that He been, My vow I re-new, "To be faith-ful and true;" I am sure that He

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sweet, Makes my joy so complete When I think how He loves e-ven me. ...

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2. I

1. With sor-row and woe I was cruelly crowned, And beat-en with plead by the cross, where I suffered and died;-I point to the rose from the grave and as-cend - ed on high, While angels were

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stripes, tho' no blame could be found; In hate-ful de- ri- sion they mocked at My wounds in My hands, feet and side; O let Me come in to your heart and rechant - ing their songs in the sky; Thro' ages un-end-ing the theme of My

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shame, They scorned proffered mercy, re-ject-ing My claim.

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main, The King of Re-demp-tion for ever to reign. I suffered in love Shall sound thro' the man-sions of glory above.

si-lence be-cause of your sin, I died broken-hearted to save sin-ful men.

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1. Christ found me lost 2. He


in sor-row's night, Up on my soul a crim-son blight; drew me to His loving heart, And bade me nev-er-more de- part; 3. When I, in weak-ness, al-most fail, Still does His love for me pre- vail,

My stain of sin He made as snow,-He loves me better than I know.
No love like His, above, be- low,-He loves me better than I know.
Still does He grace and mercy show; He loves me better than I know.


He loves me better than I know; Wher-e'er I stray His love will go

There is no other loves me so, He loves me better than I know.

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