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No 328.

Dwight Williams.

Touch Not, Taste Not.



1. There's dan-ger in the flow-ing bowl! Touch not, taste not, han- dle not! 2. "Strong drink is rag- ing," God hath said: Touch not, taste not, han - dle not! 3. Come, let us join each heart and hand, Touch not, taste not, han - dle not! 4. Oh, has - ten, then, the happy time! Touch not, taste not, han- dle not!

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When joyful bells the notes will chime; Touch not, taste not, handle not!

"Twill rob the pocket of its cash; 'Twill scourge thee with a cru- el lash; It leads the young, and strong, and brave; It leads them to a drunkard's grave; We need the strong-est, bravest hearts To foil the cruel tempter's arts, Then raise the temp'rance flag on high, And lift your voices to the sky

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Some-bod-y vot-ed to ru-in my boy, Was that somebody you?.......

was it you?

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"Forward!" all along the line resounding, Bids us march a
Slowly backward see the foe re-ced - ing; Forward march to-day.
And with earnest prayer and sup-pli-ca-tion Forward march to-day.

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tram-pling out the vint-age where the grapes of wrath are stored; He hath loosed the builded Him an altar in the eve-ning dews and damps; I sifting out the hearts of men be-fore His judg-ment seat. O ry in His bos-om that trans-figures you and me; As


can read His be swift, my

He died to

fate-ful light-ning of His ter- ri- ble swift sword; His truth is march-ing on.
righteous sen-tence by the dim and flar - ing lamps; His day is march-ing on.
soul, to an-swer Him! be ju- bi-lant, my feet! Our God is march-ing on.
make men holy, let us die
to make men free; While God is march-ing on.


Glo-ry! glo-ry, hal-le- lu-jah! Glo-ry! glo-ry, hal-le-lu-jah!.

His truth is marching on. His day is marching on. Our God is marching on. While God is marching on.

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