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1. There's One who can comfort when all else fails, Je - sus, bless-ed Je - sus; 2. He hear-eth the cry of the soul distressed, Je sus, bless-ed Je - sus; 3. He - er for-sakes in the dark-est hour, Je • sus, bless-ed Je - sus; 4. What joy it will be when we see His face, Je - sus, bless-ed Je - sus;


А Sav - ior who saves tho'the foe as-sails, Je - sus, bless-ed Je - sus: He heal-eth the wounded, He giv - eth rest, Je • sus, bless-ed Je - sus: His arm

is a-round us with keep-ing pow'r, Je • sus, bless-ed Je - sus: For - ev

er to sing of His love and grace, Je • sus, bless-ed Je - sus:

Once He trav-eled the way we go, Felt the pangs of de

ceit and woe; When from loved ones we're called to part, When the tears in our an-guish start, When we

en - ter the Shad-ow-land, When at Jor-dan we trembling stand, There at home on that shin - ing shore, With the loved ones gone on be-fore,



Who more per - fect-ly then can know, Than Je - sus, bless-ed Je
None can com - fort the break-ing heart Like Je - sus, bless-ed Je
He will meet us with outstretched band, This Je - sus, bless-ed Je
We will praise Him for - ev - er - more, Our Je - sus, bless-ed Je



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day His good-ness I prove;

Mer-cies un - fail - ing, new ev •

- 'ry guid - ance, strength as my day; Grace for each tri - al, com-fort in void that He can - not feel; Nev - er bur - den He can - not want, what - ev - er be - tide; He that de - liv - ered Christ for my


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help on One that is might-y, One who is Friend and Broth-er in - deed;


No. 9.

'T is the Blessed Hour of Prayer.

Fanny J. Crosby.



W. H. Doane.

1. 'Tis the bless - ed hour of prayer, when our hearts low-ly bend, And we 2. 'Tis the bless - ed hour of prayer, when the Sav-ior draws near, With a 3. 'Tis the bless - ed hour of prayer, when the tempt-ed and tried To the 4. At the bless - ed hour of prayer, trust-ing Him, we be - lieve That the

gath - er to Je - sus, our Sap - ior and Friend; If we come to Him in ten - der com - pas - sion His chil - dren to hear; When He tells us we may Sav - ior who loves them their sor - row con- fide; With a sym-pa-thiz-ing bless-ing we're need-ing we'll sure - ly re-ceive; In the full-ness of this

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His pro- tec- tion to share, What a balm for the wear-y! at His feet ev • 'ry care, What a balm for the wear-y! He ro-moves ev • 'ry care; What a balm for the wear-y! we shall lose ev • 'ry care; What a balm for the wear-y!

D. S.- What a balm for the wear-y! FINE. CHORUS.


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O how sweet to be there! Bless-ed hour of prayer, bless-ed hour of prayer;

O how sweet to be there!

No. 10.

When I Go Home.


Jennie Ree.

Chas. H. Gabriel.

1. A lit - tle while and then the sum - mer Day, When I 2. Work ceas-es not in sun-shine or in show'r, Till I 3. All will be well, and all be hap - pi - ness, When I 4. I'll meet the loved ones I have lost a - while, When I

go Home; go Home; go Home; go Home;


'Tis lone-some win - ter now, but 't will be May, When I go Home; BoBut in the still - ness of the twi - light hour, I dream of Home; And The wan-der - ings all o'er, and lone - li - ness, When I

go Home; There And, best of all, I'll see my Sav - ior smile, When I go Home; Oh,

yond the gloom of moor and fen I see The wel - come warm of when the night-wind moans a - cross the wold I feel no dread of will be light at ven - tide for me, The light that nev • er what a

joy thro' all ter - ni - ty, To sing the praise of



those who wait for me, When I go Home, when I
dark, or chill of cold- I dream of Home, I

go Home.

dream of Home. was on land or

sea, When I

go Home, when I Him who died for me, When I

go Home. go Home, when I

go Home.

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1. Crown Him with man - y crowns, The Lamb up

His throne; 2. Crown Him the Lord of love! Be - hold His hands and side, 3. Crown Him the Lord of life! Who tri-umphed o'er the grave; 4. Crown Him the Lord of Heav'n! One with the Fa - ther known,

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Hark! how the heav'nly an-them drowns All mu - sic but its own!
Rich wounds, yet vis - i ble & - bove, In beau - ty glo - ri · fied:
Who rosevic - to-rious to the strife For those He came to save:
One with the Spir- it thro' Him giv'n From yon-der glo-rious thronel

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A • wake, my soul, and sing Of Him who died for thee;
gel in the

sky Can



bear that sight, His glo - ries

DOW we sing, Who died and rose on high; To Thee be end - less praise, For Thou for hast died;

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And bail Him thy match-less King Thro' all 8 - ter- ni - ty.
But down-ward bends his won-d'ring eye At mys-ter • jes so bright.
Who died e- ter - nal life to bring, And lives that death may die.
Be Thou, O Lord, thro' end - less days A - dored and mag-ni - fied.

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