The Republican Report for the First Session, Eighty-ninth Congress

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1965 - 19 pagini

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Pagina 10 - TITLE II— SCHOOL LIBRARY RESOURCES, TEXTBOOKS, AND OTHER INSTRUCTIONAL MATERIALS APPROPRIATIONS AUTHORIZED SEC. 201. (a) The Commissioner shall carry out a program for making grants for the acquisition of school library resources, textbooks, and other printed and published instructional materials for the use of children and teachers in public and private elementary and secondary schools.
Pagina 35 - Welfare to enter into an agreement with an institution of higher education for the establishment, construction, equipping, and operation of a National Technical Institute for the Deaf.
Pagina 30 - Commission, will accomplish to the extent practicable the following purposes: (1) Establish schedules of tariff classifications which will be logical in arrangement and terminology and adapted to the changes which have occurred since 1930 in the character and importance of articles produced in and imported into the United States and in the markets in which they are sold. (2) Eliminate anomalies and illogical results in the classification of articles. (3) Simplify the determination and application...
Pagina 30 - ... is owned or leased by the owner or operator of the transporting vessel, or is owned or leased by the stevedoring company contracting for the lading or unlading of that vessel, and is transported without charge for use in the handling of cargo in foreign trade...
Pagina 18 - Court, ordained as a judical body, be thought of as a general haven for reform movements. The Constitution is an instrument of government, fundamental to which is the premise that in a diffusion of governmental authority lies the greatest promise that this Nation will realize liberty for all its citizens.
Pagina 31 - Army, the Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare, and the Chairman of the Federal Power Commission. The...
Pagina 11 - The Commissioner shall carry out during the fiscal year ending June 30, 1966, and each of the four succeeding fiscal years, a program for making grants to stimulate and assist States in strengthening the leadership resources of their State educational agencies, and to assist those agencies in the establishment and improvement of programs to identify and meet the educational needs of States.
Pagina 18 - Federal activities affecting housing and urban development ; provide technical assistance and information, including a clearinghouse service to aid State, county, town, village, or other local governments in developing solutions to community and metropolitan development problems...
Pagina 18 - This view, in a nutshell, is that every major social ill in this country can find its cure in some constitutional "principle, and that this Court should "take the lead" in promoting reform when other branches of government fail to act.
Pagina 18 - ... encourage comprehensive planning by the State and local governments with a view to coordinating Federal, State, and local urban and community development activities; encourage private enterprise to serve as large a part of the Nation's total housing and urban development...

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