Illumination in Basil of Caesarea's Doctrine of the Holy Spirit

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Fortress Press, 2 iun. 2014 - 250 pagini

 Although Basil of Caesarea was the first to write a discourse on the Holy Spirit, many scholars have since questioned if he fully believed in the Spirit’s divinity. Timothy P. McConnell argues that Basil did regard the Spirit as fully divine and an equal Person of the Trinity. However, Basil refused to use philosophical terminology to make the point, preferring to use what the Spirit revealed through divine act and Scripture. Thus, “illumination” becomes the primary paradigm for Basil, which later theologians would come to call revelation, setting the stage for this study’s high relevance for contemporary thought.


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 Timothy P. McConnell is the pastor of Eastminster Presbyterian Church in Marietta, Georgia. He studied at Princeton Theological Seminary and Oxford prior to earning his Ph.D. at the University of Virginia. This project is a revision of his dissertation completed there under the direction of Robert Louis Wilken.


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