War on Drugs, HIV/AIDS, and Human Rights

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Kasia Malinowska-Sempruch, Sarah Gallagher
IDEA, 2004 - 331 pagini
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Annotation Drug policies are often categorized in terms of public health and safety: governments forbid the voluntary use of certain substances because such use undermines the good of society as a whole. This book aims to position drug policies in another context - the context of human rights. Articles will examine the rights of drug users, with special attention to the right to adequate medical care, which is often denied to intravenous drug users who are suffering from HIV/AIDS. included will be articles that express a contrary position: that intravenous drug users have voluntarily relinquished their rights by engaging in criminal behavior. Particularly controversial are the rights of drug-using mothers whose children are sometimes put into state custody. The book will also examine the conflict between criminal codes and the human right of individual freedom, emphasizing the human rights abuses that often accompany drug policy enforcement. The texts of basic treaties and accords on human rights will be included.

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The War on Drugs and the Spread of HIV
Commonsense Drug Policy
Contemporary Drug Policy
Stating the Problem and Revealing the Actual Picture
The Role and Impact of Law and Enforcement in Reducing the Harms of IDU and HIVAIDS
HR2Harm Reduction and Human Rights
Views on Public Health and Human Rights
Toward the Development of a Human Rights Impact Assessment for the Formulation and Evaluation of Public Health Policies
Human Rights and HIV in Context
Drug Policies Fuel the HIV Epidemic in Russia and Ukraine
Human Rights Abuses Faced by Injection Drug Users in the Era of HIVAIDS
Active and Former Injection Drug Users Report of HIV Risk Behaviors During Periods of Incarceration
Human Rights Social Disruption and the Spread of HIVAIDS
Designing Programs and Policies with a Human Rights Framework
An EmpowermentBased HIV Preventive Intervention for Female Sex Workers in West Bengal India
One Americans View

the Contribution of a Health and Human Rights Framework
Health HIV Infection Human Rights and Injection Drug Use
The United Nations Illicit Drug Policy and the Global HIV Epidemic
Drug User Community Organizing in Harm Reduction and the War on Drugs
Law Enforcements Role in a Harm Reduction Regime
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Pagina 16 - Rights, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights...
Pagina 35 - Although it is not entirely safe, especially when consumed by children, smoked heavily, or used when driving, it is clearly among the least dangerous psychoactive drugs in common use. In 1988 the administrative law judge for the Drug Enforcement Administration, Francis Young, reviewed the evidence and concluded that "marihuana, in its natural form, is one of the safest therapeutically active substances known to man.

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