Planting the Seed

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Xulon Press, 2007 - 164 pagini
The story-line covers the unique friendship of two boys who were brought together by certain circumstances. Unaware of God's presence in their life and unaware of what He had planned for them over time! This Book has been written not only as a witnessing tool for our Lord Jesus Christ but as a personal thank you for all that He has done for us. But also to somehow 'Plant the Seed' within the minds and hearts of those that are not saved yet, in the hopes that this story will either bring them closer to the Lord, or the Lord will bring them to Him. This story has converted many topics within the story-line to enhance your Christian Living. We have based our insight with that of scripture to prove our point. It's down to earth, straight to the point, and easy reading for your enjoyment as well. God Bless! And He said to them, "Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature" (Mark 16:15) Author, Rev. Frederick A Kohler was born in Altoona Pennsylvania in 1955 where he resides now with his wife, Regina of 28 years and their puppy, Beamer. Fred graduated from High School in 1973, holds a Master of Art degree, three certificates from various Bible institutions, was ordained on 3/20/2006, has recently graduated with an Associate Degree in Biblical Studies, and was named one of the best 2002 poets from Author, Gregory A. Banks, was born in Huntington Pennsylvania, in 1954. He attended Lock Haven State College, majoring in communications, he changed streams in his freshman year and left college, in search of a radio career which he found was his passion for over 30 years. He now works as a news sports promoter for Atlantic Broadband.

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