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1320. Extending time for enrollment of Indians of California.

1321. Termination of Federal supervision over property of Alabama and Cou-

shatta Indians of Texas.

1322. Construction of facilities to provide water for irrigation and domestic use

from Margarita River.

1323. Exemption from Flammable fabrics act of fabrics and wearing apparel

not highly flammable.

1324. Secretary of Treasury to establish regulations for loading and stowage

of grains, etc.

1325. Termination of Federal supervision over property of certain Indians in

Western Oregon.

1326. Issuance of patent in fee to Jake Alexander.

1327. Issuance of patent in fee to Harold K. Butson,

1328. Issuance of patent in fee to Robert Graham.

1329. Granting preference right to users of withdrawn public grazing lands when

lands are restored from withdrawal.

1330. Amending act to provide for purchase of public lands for home and other

sites, as amended.

1331. Appointment of Leland H. Hewitt to International Boundary and Water

Commission, United States and Mexico.

1332. Authorizing rehabilitation at Military Academy.

1333. Entitling certain retired enlisted and warrant officer personnel to retired

enlisted or warrant officer pay.

1334. Repealing sec. 307 of Federal civil defense act rel. to proclaiming state of

civil defense emergency.

1335. Providing for sundry administrative matters affecting Federal Government.
1336. Furnishing information, radio and television entertainment, and civilian

education for Armed Forces personnel.

1337. Long-term charter of tankers by Navy.

1338. Korean prisoner-of-war leave credits.

1339. Independent offices appropriation bill, 1955.

1340. Transmission and disposition of electric energy generated at Faloon Dam

on Rio Grande.

1341. Suspension of deportation of certain aliens.

1342. Relief of grandchildren of William Wong Foon Kew.

1343. Relief of Apostolos S. Vassiliadis.

1344. Relief of Paul E. Rocke.

1345. Relief of Elie J. Hakim and family.

1346. Relief of Theresa E. Leventer.

1317. Relief of Paula N. Mahler (Paula N. Schibuk).

1348. Relief of Esperanza J. Trejo.

1319. Relief of John Lampropoulos.

1350. Relief of Kenneth R. Kleinman.

1351. Relief of Don B. Whelan.

1352. Relief of legal guardian of Raymond Gibson.

13.73. Relief of Frederick W. Lee.

1354. Relief of Theodore W. Carlson.

1355. Relief of Ann E. Caulk.

1356. Relief of Elizabeth M. O'Rourke (Mrs. James J.).

1357. Relief of Henry M. Denning, et al.

1358. Relief of Robert E. Leibbrand.

1359. Changing Armistice Day to Veterans Day.

1360. Relief of Mark Vainer.


1361. Relief of Gertrud T. O'Brien.
1362. Relief of Ottilie T. Workmann.
1363. Relief of Annemarie Nanias.
1364. Relief of Hedy S. Jex.
1365. Extending authority of the President under 1st war powers act relative to

defense contracts.

1366. Relief of Katherine L. Sewell.

1367. Relief of Arthur S. Rosichan.

1368. Relief of Josette L. St. Marie.

1369. Granting status of permanent residence to certain alicns.

1370. Relief of Margot Goldschmidt.

1371. Water facility loans for water storage and utilization in U. S.

1372. Approving southeastern interstate forest fire protection compact.

1373. Civil functions, Army Department appropriation bill, 1955.

1374. Issuance of patent in fee to Jesse Bell.

1375. Accepting amendment of constitution of International Labor Organiza-


1376. Commissioners of District of Columbia to sell certain property located in

Montgomery County, Md.

1377. Redemption of District of Columbia tax stamps.

1378. Amending act to regulate practice of veterinary medicine in District of


1379. Prescribing and regulating procedure for adoption in District of Columbia.

1380. Amending act which regulates placement of children in family homes in

D. C.

1381. Merger of Columbus University of Washington, D. C., into Catholic Uni-

versity of America.

1382. Increasing penalty for unlicensed practice of healing art in District of


1383. Disqualification of former employees of District of Columbia in matters

connected with former duties.

1384. Public Utilities Commission of D. C. to regulate payment of dividends by

public utilities in D. C.

1385. Regulating sale of shell eggs in District of Columbia.

1386. Regulation of public utilities in District of Columbia.

1387. Establishing Family Court for District of Columbia.

1388. Relief of estate of Carlos M. Cochran,

1389. Relief of Rollins S. Emmerich.

1390. Relief of Mary G. Brown.

1391. Relief of Federal Republic of Germany for construction of new embassy

in Washington, D. C.

1392. Relief of Alton Bramer.

1393. Relief of Charles Peroulas.

1394. Relief of Mojsze Hildeshaim and wife.

1395. Relief of Sister Antonella Marie Gutterres (Thereza Maria Gutterres).

1396. Relief of Michela Aurucci.

1397. Relief of Joseph R. Groninger,

1398. Relief of Louise R. Sozanski.

1399. Relief of Anthony B. Estella and family.

1400. Relief of Lucy Personius.

1401. Relief of Borys Naumenko.

1402. Relief of Guiseppi Castrogiovanni and family.

1403. Relief of Walter P. Sylvester.

1404. Relief of Inge Krarup.

1405. Relief of Katherina Picerkona and son.

1406. Relief of Paul S. Awaji (Paul M. Simpson).

service laws and regulations.

1435. Relief of Hermine Lorenz,

1436. Office expenses for full-time court commissioners.

1437. Relief of Lucia Mezilgoglou.

1438. Limiting power of single judge or justice to grant stay of execution in

habeas corpus proceedings.

1439. Relief of Erika G. Osteraa.

1440. Relief of Romola Nijinsky and Paul Bohus-Vilagosi.

1441. Relief of Rose Kaczmarczyk.

1442. Relief of Helga Rossmann and child.

1443. Relief of Antonio Messina.

1444. Relief of Roger Knutsen.

1445. Establishing time limitation for filing claims under Contract settlement

act of 1944.*

1446. Relief of Ruth I. Ledermann.

1447. Relief of estate of Anna I. R. Wells, and others.

1448. Relief of Jean Sutherland.

1449. Relief of Paul D. Banning and others.

1450. Relief of Leon H. Callaway and others.

1451. Relief of Henry C. Bush and others.

1452. Unauthorized use of Armed Forces exchange names.

1453. Contracts of Members of Congress, exempt leases and prospecting permits.

1451. Relief of Lydia W. Butz.

1455. Relief of Ingeborg B. Johnson.

1456. Relief of Michio Yamamoto.

*Corrected print.


1457. Relief of Waltraut Claassen.

1458. Relief of Willmore Engineering Co.

1459. Appointment of representatives in time of national emergency.

1460. Jury commission for each district court.

1461. Recordation of equipment trusts for motor carriers.

1462. Relief of John L. de Montigny.

1463. Relief of Ertogroul Osman.

1464. Facilitating entry of Philippine traders.

1465. Extending best wishes of Congress to Berea College, Berea, Ky., upon ob-

servance of its 100th anniversary.

1466. Court of Claims to report on bill for relief of American employees of Shang-

hai Municipal Council.

1467. Affirming temporary appointments of certain officers of Navy.

1468. Amending act authorizing death gratuity to dependents of persons in

Armed Forces.

1469. Authorizing construction of certain naval vessels.

1470. Pay of certain employees for nonworkdays set by administrative order.

1471. Voting in Armed Forces.

1472. Housing act of 1954.

1473. Relating to pay of civilian employees of Navy Department outside United


1474. To simplify handling of postage on newspapers and periodicals by elimi-

nating manual affixing of postage.

1475. Providing for censuses of manufacturers, mineral industries, and other

businesses, relating to 1954.

1476. Amending Railroad retirement act of 1937 to eliminate reductions of certain

annuities and pensions.

1477. Authorizing Secretary of Interior to issue quitclaim deeds to States for

certain lands.

1478. Operating expenses of Committee on Labor and Public Welfare.
1479. Preventing foreign educational courses by veterans who engage in ac-

tivities contrary to interest of U. S.

1480. Extending authorization for funds for hospitalization for certain veterans

in the Philippines.

1481. Renewal of star route and screen vehicle service contracts.

1482. Continuing authority for Trust Territory of Pacific Islands.
1483. Authorizing sale of land at Anchorage, Alaska, to Board of National Mis-

sions of Presbyterian Church,

1484. Amending Hawaiian organic act rel. to jurisdiction over revenue from

wharves and landings.

1485. Amending act transferring park land to Hawaii to make land available

for port operations.

1486. Hawaiian Homes Commission to exchange lands for publicly owned lands.

1487. Authorizing exchange of public lands in Hawaii for private lands of equal

value for school purposes.

1488. Hawaiian Homes Commission to exchange public lands and easements near

Waimea, T. H., for privately owned land.

1489. Authorizing exchange of public lands in vicinity of Waimea, Hawaii, for

private lands.

1490. Extending electric light and power franchise to cover entire districts of

Waimea and Koloa, Kauai, T. H.
1491. Ratification of Revenue bond act of 1935, Hawaii, to apply to all amend-

ments and extensions.

1492. Amending Hawaiian Homes Commission act rel. to leasing of pastoral lands.

1493. Sale of certain land in Alaska to Harding Lake Camp, Inc., for use as

youth camp.

1494. Granting consent of Congress to compact between Idaho, Montana, etc.,

for disposition of Columbia River waters.

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