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American Foreign Policy: Current Documents is an annual, onevolume collection of the principal messages, addresses, statements, reports, and of certain of the diplomatic notes exchanged and treaties made in a given calendar year which indicate the scope, goals, and implementation of the foreign policy of the United States. It continues the series which began with two earlier publications—A Decade of American Foreign Policy: Basic Documents, 1941-1949 (prepared in the Division of Historical Policy Research of the Department of State and by the staff of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, issued in 1950 as Senate Document 123, 81st Congress, 1st Session) and American Foreign Policy, 1950–1955: Basic Documents (prepared in the Historical Division and issued in two volumes in 1957 as Department of State publication 6446). The first of the annual volumes, American Foreign Policy: Current Documents, 1956, was issued as Department of State publication 6811, the volume for 1957 as publication 7101, for 1958 as publication 7322, and for 1959 as publication 7492.

As was true with respect to the earlier volumes in the series, the 1960 compilation includes some documents issued by other governments and by regional international organizations of which the United States is not a member where the pronouncements or settlements revealed in them were of major concern to the United States in the formulation of its own policies.

In most instances the documents are arranged chronologically under topical headings within each of the 14 parts. The mechanical devices used to facilitate quick reference include a table of contents and list of documents; source, cross-reference, and (wherever possible) informational footnotes; and an index.

The 1960 volume departs from its predecessors in that, in a number of instances, the title only of a document is provided, together with information as to where its official text may readily be found. These titles are included in the list of documents, and their substance is carried in the index.

The volume was prepared in the Historical Office, Bureau of Public Affairs, under the general supervision of William M. Franklin, Director, and E. Taylor Parks, Chief, Research Guidance and Review Division. It was compiled by Peter V. Curl, Evans Gerakas, Ralph G. Marston, Anna Vukovich, and Jack G. Wasserman. Editing was performed in the Division of Publishing Services under the immediate direction of Joseph J. Moriarty, Acting Chief, Law and Treaties Section, with the assistance of Ruth L. McKinnon, Bertha J. Hartman, and other members of the staff.


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