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individual landowners in the district, so far as the contract confirmed is inconsistent with such individual contracts; (2) the Uncompahgre Valley Water Users' Association thereupon extends its term of incorporation for at least seventy-five years from the date of such amendment of its articles; and (3) the association secures promptly a confirmatory decree, confirming such proposed contract with the United States under said amendment of chapter 76 of the Session Laws of Colorado, 1929.

Approved, January 31, 1931.

Act of February 21, 1931 (46 Stat. 1202)

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That whenever a development of power is necessary for the irrigation of lands under the Grand Valley reclamation project, Colorado, or an opportunity is afforded for the development of power under said project, such development of power to be without expenditure of money from the reclamation fund or from the Treasury of the United States, the Grand Valley Water Users' Association, with the approval of the Secretary of the Interior, is authorized to enter into a contract or contracts for a period of not exceeding twenty-five years for the sale or development of any surplus power or power privileges in said Grand Valley reclamation project, Colorado. Approved, February 21, 1931.




March 1, 1932.--Committed to the Committee of the Whole House on the state

of the Union and ordered to be printed

Mr. Jones, from the Committee on Agriculture, submitted the



[To accompany S. J. Res. 110)

The Committee on Agriculture, to whom was referred the joint resolution (S. J. Res. 110) authorizing the distribution of Governmentowned wheat to the American Red Cross and other organizations for relief of distress, having considered the same, report thereon with a recommendation that it be passed with the following amendment:

Strike out all after the resolving clause and insert the following:

That the Federal Farm Board is authorized and directed to take such action as may be necessary to make available, from time to time, to the American National Red Cross, or any other organization designated by the American National Red Cross, wheat of the Grain Stabilization Corporation, for use in providing food for the needy and distressed people of the United States and Territories, and feed for livestock. Such wheat shall be delivered upon any such application only upon the approval of the President of the United States, and in such amounts to each organization as the President may approve, except that the total amount of wheat delivered as hereinbefore authorized shall not be in excess of 40,000,000 bushels.

SEC. 2. No part of the expenses incident to the delivery, receipt, and distribution of such wheat shall be borne by the United States or the Federal Farm Board. Such wheat may be milled or exchanged for flour or feed, but if processed it shall be without profit to any mill, organization, or other person.

Sec. 3. The Federal Farm Board shall keep account of all wheat delivered as authorized in section 1, and shall credit the account of the Grain Stabilization Corporation with an amount equal to the current market value thereof at the time of delivery.

The committee conducted hearings, both on this measure and several similar ones, covering largely the same field.

It developed that there is a great deal of distress in the country, especially in certain localities. In sections of the Northwest where there were crop failures in the year 1931, the testimony shows that not only is there distress among the people but that livestock has been dying for lack of feed.

This was shown not only by a number of Representatives, telegrams, and messages from that section of the country, but also from the report of representatives of the American National Red Cross.

The unemployment existing in many sections of the country has added to the distressed condition throughout the Nation.

There are 3,600 chapters of the American National Red Cross; 1,854 of these chapters are rendering assistance in connection with the unemployment conditions prevailing. This activity covers every State in the Union.

It was shown that this organization is now feeding people in 37 counties in Montana, 19 counties in North Dakota, 25 counties in South Dakota, 9 counties in Nebraska, 5 counties in Washington, and in some counties of practically every State in the Union.

In Montana 42,219 are being fed; in North Dakota, 47,440; in South Dakota, 14,399; and in Nebraska 6,603. The report shows that during the last several months the organization has been feeding 1,000,000 people.

While the American National Red Cross does not operate directly in the larger cities, it is in a position to arrange, with appropriate organizations for the conduct of the work and is given authority to designate other organizations for this purpose.

These reports indicate a vast need for relief work in the country.

It is provided that no part of the expense incident to the distribution of such wheat shall be borne by the United States or the Federal Farm Board.

In order to facilitate distribution in handling, the measure provides that the wheat may be milled or exchanged for flour or feed.

It was the intention that the American Red Cross should be given full power to administer this wheat in such manner as it may deem proper.

The Farm Board, through the Stabilization Corporation, has this wheat. Including interest, storage, and insurance, it is costing practically 18 cents per bushel per year to handle the same. Naturally, there will be some deterioration, and while this may be largely prevented by selling and replacement, this would, no doubt, occasion some additional expense.

At the present prices this wheat will have absorbed its own value in less than three years. In the light of these conditions and the distress that now prevails, the transferring of a portion of this wheat for purposes of charity and to relieve the distress is not a dole. It is more like discarding an excess garment that is not needed by the person who has it and which is very much needed by some one else.

In view of the circumstances it was thought wise to make the amount of wheat covered by this resolution available for relief purposes. This wheat is practically useless to the Government, and if used as provided in the resolution will contribute materially to the relief of those who are hungry and in distress.

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MARCH 2, 1932.—Committed to the Committee of the Whole House on the

state of the Union and ordered to be printed

Mr. WOODRUM, from the Committee on Appropriations, submitted

the following


(To accompany H. R. 10022]

When the committee began consideration of the independent offices appropriation bill for 1933, the 1932 appropriations for the independent establishments, exclusive of the permanent appropriations, aggregated $1,055,015,802. The Budget estimates for 1933 were in the sum of $1,041,395,041, or $13,620,761 under the 1932 appropriations.

During consideration of the present bill, deficiency appropriations for 1932 have been enacted which brings the grand total of the appropriations for the current year up to $1,306,196,777, or $264,801,736 in excess of the Budget estimates for 1933. The accompanying bill further reduces the Budget estimates by $54,948,535 making the total of the bill $319,750,271 under the 1932 appropriations.

Following is a summary statement of the committee's reductions below the Budget estimates: Arlington Memorial Bridge..

$160, 000 Board of Mediation..

17, 730 Board of Tax Appeals

10, 000 Civil Service Commission.

82, 000 Employees' Compensation Commission..

32, 900 Federal Farm Board..

880, 000 Federal Oil Conservation Board.

5, 000 George Washington Bicentennial Commission.

152, 230 Interstate Commerce Commission..

1, 533, 231 National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics.

30, 000 Personnel Classification Board..

50, 000 Public Buildings and Public Parks, Office of..

328, 002 Smithsonian Institution..

5, 710 Supreme Court Building Commission.

500, 000 Veterans' Administration..

51, 161, 732 Total...

54, 948, 535

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