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Comparative statement of the amounts appropriated for the fiscal year 1932, the Budget estimates for the fiscal year 1933,

and the amounts recommended in the accompanying bill for 1933Continued

16 And contract authorization for $400,000 additional. 16 Contains $20,000 for salaries, national park commissioners, carried in Department of Justice appropriation act.

The appropriation of $20,000,000 for drought relief carried in the 1932 law has been transferred to the Department of Agriculture for expenditure and is contained in the 1932 total for that Department.

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Repayments for lands erroneously sold.
5, 3, and 2 per cent funds to States.
Deposits by individuals for surveying public lands-
Payments to States under oil leasing act.
Coos Bay wagon road grant fund..
Payments to certain counties of Oregon and Washington.
Payments to Oklahoma, royalties oil and gas, south half of Red River.
Outstanding liabilities, lands-
Interest on Indian trust funds.

Civilization of the Sioux..

Annette Islands Reserve, Alaska fund.
Miscellaneous trust funds of Indian tribes.

Indian moneys, proceeds of labor.

Donations to National Park Service.

Colleges for agriculture and mechanic arts-
Public schools, Alaska fund.

2, 550, 000

85, 000

50, 000 2, 550, 000


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90, 000

80, 000

Pension money, St. Elizabeths Hospital
Personal funds of patients, St. Elizabeths Hospital.

Total, permanent annual and indefinite appropriations

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JANUARY 26, 1932.—Committed to the Committee of the Whole House on the

state of the Union and ordered to be printed

Mr. CROSSER, from the Committee on Interstate and Foreign Com

merce, submitted the following


(To accompany H. J. Res. 252)

The Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce, to whom was referred the joint resolution (H. J. Res. 252) to authorize the Interstate Commerce Commission to make an investigation as to the effect of establishing a 6-hour day for railway employees, having considered the same, report thereon with a recommendation that it

do pass.

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