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Washington, January 13, 1932. The SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES.

DEAR MR. SPEAKER: In accordance with the requirements of the act of Congress entitled “An act to authorize and provide for the disposition of useless papers in the executive departments," approved February 16, 1889 (25 Stat. L. 672), I have to report that there is in this department an accumulation of documents and files of papers which are not needed nor useful in the transaction of the current business of the department and have no permanent value or historical interest as shown by the statements herewith.

Copies of the above statements have been submitted to the Librarian of Congress in accordance with Executive order of March 16, 1912, who advises that none of the documents and files described in the several statements appear to have any historical value.

It is recommended that authority be granted for the disposition of the files mentioned. A similar letter has been addressed to the President of the Senate. , Sincerely yours,


Secretary of War.


Assistant chief clerk's office:

1 package; requests for publications, circulars, etc., 1914 to 1927. Civilian personnel division:

9 packages; efficiency reports of civilian employees in the field, 1903 to 1908. 235 packages; daily work reports of divisions of office Secretary of War, 1906

to 1928. 12 packages; morning inspection reports, office of Secretary of War, 1907 to

1928. 9 file drawers; certificates for payment of increase of compensation (bonus)

1918-1924. 2 file drawers; requests for miscellaneous information and replies thereto,

1913-1928. y file drawers; correspondence giving data for biennial register, 1915–1923. 3 file drawers; retained copies of reports to the congressional Joint Commis

sion on Reclassification of Salaries, and cognate correspondence, 1919. War Department post office:

1. Daily balance sheet of business, 1928. 2. Record of registered mail received from and delivered to bureaus and city

post office, 1928. 3. Record of special delivery, insured, and C. 0. D. mail, received from and

delivered to bureaus and city post office, 1928. 4. Report of chauffeurs of sacks of mail handled on each trip, 1929. 5. Daily work report, 1928. 6. Morning “signing in” report of employees, 1929. 7. Record of printed matter received from Government Printing Office and

delivered to various bureaus, 1928–1929. 8. Record of pouch mail received from and delivered to Department of

State, 1928. 9. Record of mail containing checks, etc., received from disbursing clerk,

10. Record of valuable mail delivered to General Accounting Office from

bureaus, 1928.
11. Chauffeurs' reports of condition of mail trucks, 1929.
12. Miscellaneous office correspondence.


JANUARY 7, 1932. Memorandum for the administrative assistant:

The papers described below are considered unnecessary and useless in the transaction of the current business, and consequently may be destroyed:

(a) Quarter master records.- These records, consisting of 170 boxes, relate to transactions during the World War in which the Quartermaster Corps was interested at the time, but were never of any value to this office. The Quartermaster General's office does not desire the records and concurs in the proposal to submit them for destruction as useless papers. Samples, Nos. 1 to 26, are submitted, and are as follows:

1. Q. M. C. Form 406; official telegrams, retained stubs, 1917. 2. Q. M. C. Form 223; ration returns, blank. 3. Charge sales slips, 1918. 4. Q. M. C. Form 218; requisition for forage, 1917–18. 5. A. G. 0. Form 17; memorandum receipt for supplies in use, 1916. 6. P. and S. Form 260; shipping ticket, 1920. 7. Q. M. C. Form 201; transfer of Quartermaster supplies, 1918. 8. W. D. Form 373; ration and savings account, 1918. 9. Q. M. C. Form 456; statement of account, 1918. 10. A. G. 0. Form 599; property return, 1919. 11. Q. M. C. Form 501; individual personal equipment, 1918. 12. A. G. O. Form 448b; abstract record of memorandum of receipts, 1918 13. A. G. O. Form 448; memorandum receipt, credit or debit slip, 1918. 14. Q. M. C. Form 247; field receipt for Quartermaster supplies, undated in

to year. 15. Q. M. C. Form 241; memorandum receipt, credit slip, 1918. 16. Q. M. C. Form 242; memorandum receipt, debit slip, 1918. 17. Q. M. C. Form 213; requisition for clothing (in bulk), 1918. 18. Q. M. C. Form 210; post property account, 1918. 19. Q. M. C. Form 200; property account; post or station, 1917. 20. Q. M. C. Form 160; requisition, 1919. 21. P. and S. Form 160; requisition, 1919. 22. Q. M. C. Form 154; bill of lading memorandum, 1918. 23. P. and s. Form 11; issue ticket, camp supply office, 1919. 24. Q. M. C. Form 165; individual clothing slip, 1921. 25. A. G. 0. Form 600; transfer of property, invoice or receipt, 1918 26. Q. M. C. Form 227; memorandum property receipt, 1917. (6) Records pertaining to registered mail, American Expeditionary Forces.These records consist of 94 file cases of records pertaining to registered mail which was handled by the postal express service, American Expeditionary Forces. There has been no occasion to examine these records in approxinetely 10 years. They have no value as historical or administrative records. Samples, numbered 27 to 34, are submitted and are as follows:

27. Form 3850; registry delivery book, 1918. 28. Form 3853; manifold registry dispatch book, 1918. 29. Dispatch book, 1918–19. 30. Register bill or jacket, 1918. (Mimeograph forms.) 31. Form 3834; list of registered articles, 1918. Signed be dispatch clerks. 32. Postmasters Form 1045; list of registered letters, 1918. 33. Form 3834; list of registered articles, 1918. Signed by receiving clerks. 34. United States courier service receipt, 1919. (C). Qualification cards of enlisted men. These records are contained in 63 packing boxes and show the qualifications of enlisted men, They are in storage and are not consulted. They were for temporary use only as an aid in selecting men for special duty.

Samples of these cards, No. 35, are subinitted.

(d) Exchange records. — These records are contained in 150 file cases, and consist of post, camp, and field exchanges, which need not be kept in the field for a greater length of time than six years, unless the statute of limitations prescribe a longer period for such accounts. All of these records are more than six years old and are of the class that may be destroyed. Samples, Nos. 36 to 56, are submitted, and are as follows:

36. Accounts receivable and central ledger, July, August, September, 1920.
37. General ledger accounts, 1919.
38. Accounts payable, 1919. (Name of post not shown.)
39. Cashbook, 1917–18.
41. Daily sales book.

Year not shown.
42. Post exchange purchasing journal, 1917.
43. Statement of financial condition of regimental post exchange, 1919.
44. Audit

report, camp exchange, July, 1918, to January, 1919.
45. Statement of financial condition of branch exchange, 1920.
46. Commission account, post exchange, 1919.
47. Check stubs, 1917 and 1918, national reserve bank, Kansas City, Mo.

40. Journal, 1918.

Samples, Nos. 36 to 56-Continued. 48. Statement concerning certain detailed expenditures relative to camp

activities and amusements, 1917. 49. Canceled checks issued in 1917–1919 on national reserve bank, Kansas

City, Mo. 50. Sales report, camp exchange store, 1920. 51. Miscellaneous sales slips and receipts, 1920. 52. Itemized bills of merchandise sold to post exchange, Camp Funston, 1920. 53. Same general description as 52, except express bills and some sales slips

are included. 54. Steward's daily report, camp exchange store, 1920. 55. Receipted sales slips, 1919. 56. Correspondence between division exchange officer and private concerns relative to service emblems, 1918.

C. H. BRIDGES, Major General, The Adjutant General.

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NOVEMBER 30, 1931. Subject: Useless records. To: The Secretary of War, office of the administrative assistant.

In compliance with memorandum Secretary of War, dated November 13, 1931, the papers enumerated below, now constituting a part of the records of this office have served their purpose, are not needed or useful in the transaction of current business, and have no permanent value of historical interest.

It is recommended that authority be obtained for their disposal conformably with law.

Description of papers


Estimated amount

Station inventories of medical property.
Laundry lists.
Reports of semiannual cost of medical service.
Veterinary report sheet, S. and W. animals, Form 102..
Record and report, veterinary meat and dairy hygiene, Form 110..
Record and report, physical examination of animals for purchase, Form 109.
Vital statistics tabulation card, veterinary, Form 2158..
Veterinary health certificate, Form 101.
Veterinary statistical reports, Form 86a V.
Veterinary statistical reports, Form 86bV.
Sanitary reports, veterinary.
Current weekly statistical reports, Form 868 and 86b.

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And prior.

* Approximately.

For the Surgeon General:

Lieutenant Colonel, Medical Corps,

Executive Officer.


DECEMBER 5, 1931. Subject: Destruction of useless papers. Memorandum for the administrative assistant, War Department.

1. In compliance with your memorandum dated November 13, 1931, there is listed below documents pertaining to the office of the Chief of Finance which are not needed or useful in the transaction of current business, have no permenent value or historical interest, and may be destroyed. 1. Examination papers of enlisted men, Finance Department, for promotion

to three higher grades. These examinations were held in April, 1930. 2. Preliminary examination papers for enlisted men for admission to the Finance

School for the year 1930.

3. Correspondence relating to claims made by personnel other than Finance

employees for the years 1919–20. 4. Schedule of collections through fiscal year 1927. 5. Unnumbered mimeograph forms, W. D. Forms 322a and 346, and copies

of correspondence. This sample covers daily report of charge and cash sales turned over to finance officer on schedule of collections to include

fiscal year 1929. 6. W. D., F.D. Forms No. 22, 0–18, W. D., Q. M. C. Forms 35, W. D. Engineer

Forms No. 2, Treasury Department Forms 1315, and carbon copies of letter General Accounting Office to the Treasury Department. This group covers papers pertaining to transmittal and deposit of funds to the credit

of the United States Treasury up to and including fiscal year 1929. 7. Copies of correspondence relating to settlement of accounts between the War

Department branches and between the War Department and other execu

tive departments of the Government and include fiscal year 1928. 8. Forms relating to work of the accounting division, office Chief of Finance,

for years 1918-1922. 9. Pay settlements, 1918-1920, inclusive. 10. Records of allotment of funds, 1919. 11. Journal vouchers, 1920–1922. 12. Recaps of expenditures and requisition for funds, 1918–1922. 13. Authority for expenditure of funds, Chief Signal Officer of the Army, 1918. 14. Requisition for supplies, aircraft production, 1918. 15. Requisition for supplies, Ordnance Department, 1918. 16. Forms 41A, fiscal year 1924. 17. Ordnance allotment requests for 1919. 18. Stock and shop accounts, Ordnance Department, 1920. 19. Settlements, 1916–1920, inclusive. 20. Miscellaneous revenue War Department covering warrants No. 1, 1920. 21. Estimates of funds requested, Quartermaster Corps Form 34, 1920. 22. Standard Forms 41 and 4la, 1921–22. 23. Deposit lists Treasury Form No. 1315, for year 1919. 24. Settlements Nos. 69401 to 145500, fiscal year 1921–22. 25. Records of expenditures and Forms 391, requests for funds (1919). 26. Correspondence relating to committee on education and special training. 27. Record of payments under contracts. 28. Cost reports and outstanding liability reports. 29. Miscellaneous correspondence on war-time contracts, 1917–1918. 30. Clearances for American Expeditionary Forces property accounts. 31. National Guard organizations, ordnance accounts. 32. Reports of survey, 1919. 33. Blank forms; records of transportation requests, 34. Correspondence re property accounts, Medical, Ordnance, Quartermaster,

Air Corps, and Engineers property accounts. 35. Old Quartermaster Corps property inventories (1918–1919). 36. Retained duplicate money accounts of former disbursing officers, 1920. 37. Copies of contracts and purchase orders, and correspondence relating thereto 38. Forms No. 29, requests for funds (1919); copies of bills of lading (1917).

R. L. CARMICHAEL, Major General, Chief of Finance.



(Condition of all papers-good)

Militia Bureau file


Description of papers

315 Supply (State).. Requisitions for blank forms prior to Jan. 1, 1930. 461 State.

Requisitions from States for publications prior to Jan. 1, 1930. 461 (requests) miscella- Individual requests for publications prior to Jan. 1, 1930.

neous. 486.4 General.

Transcripts of accounts with Government Printing Office prior to July 1, 1930. 319.26 General

Requests for lists of various addresses (camps, organization commanders, etc.)

and requests to be placed on mailing list prior to July 1, 1930. 330.34..

Reports of changes, prior to June 1, 1930, oflicers on duty in the Militia Bureau. 029.3 work reports. Monthly reports on condition of work, prior to Jan. 1, 1930. 354,9 general.

Reports of visits to National Guard camps by officers of Militia Bureau prior to

Jan. 1, 1930. 112.5 general.

Miscellaneous correspondence re purpose numbers prior to Jan. 1, 1930. 131 States.

Deposits of unused allotments prior to June 30, 1930. 131 general.

Correspondence re appropriations and procurement authorities, overdrawn

procurement authorities, etc., prior to Jan. 1, 1930. 121 (corps areas)

Miscellaneous correspondence re funds prior to June 30, 1930. 121.4 Militia Bureau... Requisitions for funds prior to June 30, 1929. 121.4 (States)

Do. 132.6 Militia Bureau. Difference sheets. 132.1 (States)

Accounts current of United States property and disbursing officers, prior to

June 30, 1928. (Correspondence.) 553 4 (States).

Transportation, passenger, prior to June 30, 1929. 554.4 (States)

Correspondence re transportation of equipment prior to June 30, 1929. 354.1.

Correspondence re summer camps prior to June 30, 1929. 230.147.

Requests covering employment of range keepers prior to June 30, 1929. 231.4.

Requests for reservation of funds covering employment of caretakers and me.

chanics prior to June 30, 1929. 131 (sales) corps area..... Correspondence regarding deposit of funds received from sales and lost property

prior to 1928. 131 (sales) Militia Bureau Correspondence regarding deposit of funds received from sales and lost property

prior to Jan, 1, 1928. 131 (sales) States...- Correspondence regarding deposit of funds received from sales and lost property

prior to Jan. 1, 1928. 413.3 (States)

Band instruments; issue and repair prior to Jan. 1, 1928. 451.11 (States).

Spare parts for automobiles prior to Jan. 1, 1928. 451.2-358...

Requisitions for motor vehicles and correspondence in regard thereto prior to

Jan. 1, 1930. 463.7 (States)

Gas and oil correspondence and requisitions prior to Jan. 1, 1930. 353.17 (States)

Records of firing by National Guard Coast Artillery at summer camps prior to

Jan. 1, 1930. 454.1..

Horses; correspondence with States relative to procurement, issue, and replace

ment prior to Jan. 1, 1929. A No. file number Copies of certificate of audit (property) and statements of balances prior to

calendar year 1930. B No. file number.. Inventories of motor vehicles on hand in various States, for years 1923, 1924, and

1925. C No. file number. Air Service manifests, calendar year 1928. D No. file number.. Statements showing settlement of property accounts to include calendar year




Washington, January 12, 1932. Sir: In reply to your letter of January 9, transmitting a list of papers not needed nor useful in the transaction of the current business of the offices of the Secretary of War, The Adjutant General, the Surgeon General, the Chief of Finance, and the Chief of the Militia Bureau, which the department wishes to destroy under the terms of the Executive order of March 16, 1912.

The matter has had the attention of the chief of our division of manuscripts, who now reports that these lists (returned herewith) seem to indicate no material that needs to be preserved on account of any historical interest. Very respectfully,


Acting Librarian. The AssistANT CHIEF CLERK, WAR DEPARTMENT,

Washington, D. C.

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