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62. Declaring Mud River, in Kentucky, nonnavigable stream.

63. Bridge across Mississippi River at or near Baton Rouge, La.

64. Bridge across St. Joseph River at or near St. Joseph, Mich.

65. Bridge across Monongahela River between Pittsburgh and Homestead, Pa.

97. Electric generating system, Mount Rainier National Park.

98. Exempting building and loan associations from being adjudged bankrupts.

99. Issue of municipal bonds of Petersburg, Alaska.

100. Addition to Cache National Forest, Idaho.

101. Promotion of health and welfare of mothers and infants, etc.

102. Juneau, Alaska, to use sewer bonds for street improvements.

103. Disposition of useless papers in Federal Radio Commission.*

104. Disposition of useless executive papers in Post Office Department.*

106. Agricultural appropriation bill, fiscal year 1933.

185. Excuse certain persons from residence on homesteads in 1930 and 1931.

186. Exchange of potassium-bearing lands in Tooele County, Utah.

187. Patents for land held under color of title in New Mexico.*

188. Amend Federal farm loan act rel. to capital for Federal land banks.

192. Minimum area for Shenandoah National Park. 2 pts.

193. Per capita payment to Chippewa Indians of Minnesota.

194. Chicago World's Fair Centennial Celebration, Century of Progress.

195. Improvement of Chevy Chase circle with fountain.

196. Issue patents for lots to Indians on Quinaielt Indian Reservation.

221. Amend radio act of 1927.

222. Relieving commissioners of D. C. of certain ministerial duties.

223. Conservation of estates of American citizens dying within consulates.

243. Creation of Reconstruction Finance Corporation.

244. Electric light and power plant, North Kona and South Kona, Hawaii.

245. Exemption from quota of aged parents of American citizens. 2 pts.

246. Relief of Warren Burke.

248. Appropriation for capital stock of Reconstruction Finance Corporation.

249. Amending public building act rel. to post-office site at Hibbing, Minn.

250. Acquisition of site and construction of building in Jackson, Miss.

251. To establish south boundary of post-office site at Plattsburg, N. Y.

255. Construction of Parramore Post, American Legion, memorial building.

258. To clarify immigration act of 1917 relative to instrumental musicians.

259. Estimates for flood control works at Lowell Creek, Seward, Alaska.

260. Construction of dam across Des Lacs Lake, N. Dak.

261. Preliminary examination of Edisto River, etc., for flood control.

266. Appropriation for expenses of U. S. at disarmament conference, Geneva.

267. Bridge across French Broad River on Morristown-Newport road, Tenn.

268. Bridge across French Broad River on Dandridge-Newport road, Tenn.

269. Bridge across Pawcatuck River.

270. Disposition of uselss papers in Treasury Department.

271. William Robert Smith Memorial Association of El Paso, Tex.

272. Extend naturalization privileges to alien veterans of World War.

273. Interior Department appropriation bill, fiscal year 1933.

274. Six-hour day for railway employees.

275. Addition to Cache National Forest, Idaho.

276. To revise boundary of Mount McKinley National Park.

285. Disposition of useless papers in War Department.

287. Bridge across St. Lawrence River at or near Hogansburg, N. Y.

289. First deficiency appropriation bill, 1932.

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294. Appropriation for subscription to capital stock of Federal land banks.

295. To amend sec. 22 and 39, title 2, of national prohibition act.

296. Repeal of obsolete and superseded sections in United States Code.

308. Portrait of ex-President Coolidge.

309. Amending sec. 3 of rivers and harbors act of June 13, 1902.

311. Appointment as ensigns of graduates from Naval Academy in 1932.

312. Amend World War veterans' act relative to pensions for widows, etc.

313. Relief of water users on irrigation projects.

344. To correct act relating to agricultural extension work in Porto Rico.

345. Proposing amendment to Constitution of United States.

349. To vacate withdrawals of mineral lands under reclamation law.

350. Amending rivers and harbors act, 1930, relative to Mississippi River.

351. Relinquishment of lands to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.

371. Second polar year program.

372. To validate certain conveyances made by Central Pacific Railway Co.

373. Assessor of D. C. to testify in condemnation proceedings.

374. Protection of union labels and similar insignia in D. C.

375. To protect labor in its old age. 2 pts.

377. False swearing before trial boards of D. C. Police and Fire Depts.

378. To amend chapter 15 of D. C. code of law rel. to condemnation of land.

381. Bridge across Pecatonica River at Harrison, Ill.

382. Bridge across Kankakee River at Momence, Ill.

383. Bridge across Fox River at Geneva, Ill.

384. Bridge across Fox River near McHenry, Ill.

385. Bridge across Fox River at Algonquin, Ill.

386. Bridge across Trinity River.

387. Bridge across Rock River at Byron, ni.

388. Bridge across Rock River at Oregon, III.

389. Bridge across Missouri River at or near Poplar, Mont.

390. Inclusion of lands in Coeur d'Alene and St. Joe national forests.

391. Northern Pacific halibut fishery.

392. Amend law relating to fighting ship of merchant marine.

393. Protection of American merchant marine in coasting-trade.

394. Clarify application of immigration laws to singers and choristeis.

395. Extension of improvements on Georgia avenue near Princeton place, D. C

396. Payment on homesteads on Cheyenne River and Standing Rock reservations.

397. Authorize conveyance of land to Minnesota.

398. Validating certain applications for and entries of public lands. *

401. Employees' compensation act to aid totally disabled.

402. To grant lands to Colorado for benefit of Colorado School of Mines.

405. Advancement on retired list of Navy of Frederick L. Caudle.

409. Bridge across Red River of the North.

410. Transfer certain jurisdiction over Indian country from War Department.

411. Bridge across Ohio River at Mound City, Ill.

412. Regulating use of appropriations for supplies of War Department.

413. Bridge Connecticut River between Hartford and East Hartford, Conn.

414. Restore lands to San Carlos (White Mountain) Indian Reservation.

425. Bridge across Ohio River between Owensboro, Ky., and Rockport, Ind.

426. Bridge across inland waterway from Norfolk, Va., to Beaufort Inlet, N. C.

427. Court facilities at Rockingham and Winston-Salem, N. C.

428. Disposition of useless papers in Department of Commerce.

430. Bridge across Missouri River at or near Randolph, Mo.

• Corrected print.

431. To amend immigration act rel. to aliens carrying on international trade.

432. Certain benefits to certain former members of Quartermaster Corps, etc.

435. Relief of Joseph B. Lynch.

439. To fix rate of postage on certain 2d-class matter.

470. Relief of Arthur L. Hacykell (Hecykell).

473. Clothing allowance for enlisted men of Navy.

474. Division of waters of Big Horn (Yellowstone) River, Mont. and Wyo.

475. Improve facilities of Federal reserve system.

477. To amend Mississippi River flood control act rel. to flowage rights.

478. Establishment of agricultural credit corporations.

490. State, Justice, Commerce, and Labor Departments appropriation bill, 1933.

491. Filling of vacancy of district judge for New Jersey.

492. Uniform pensions to widows, etc., of persons who served in time of war.

493. Relief of claimants who suffered loss by fire in Minnesota.

498. Relief of Raymond Nelson Hickman.

507. Advancement on retired list of Navy of George Dewey Hilding.

510. Prohibit gambling in Canal Zone.

511. Suppression of lotteries in Canal Zone.

512. Amend order prohibiting promotion of bull, dog, or cock fights in C. Z.

513. Fire hunting at night in Canal Zone.

514. Regulate carrying and keeping of arms in Canal Zone.

515. Enticing laborers from Isthmian Canal Commission or Panama Railroad,

516. Extradition of fugitives from justice of Panama who seek refuge in C. Z.

517. To provide for protection of birds and their nests in Canal Zone.

518. Repeal ordinance establishing market regulations for Canal Zone.

519. Regulate radio equipment on ocean vessels using ports of Canal Zone.

520. Inspection of vessels navigating Canal Zone waters.

521. Authorize certain officials of Canal Zone to administer oaths, etc.

522. Punish persons deported from Canal Zone who return thereto.

523. Regulate operation of street-railway cars at crossings in Canal Zone.

524. To amend sec. 5 of Panama Canal act relative to operation of canal.

525. Appointment of public defender for Canal Zone.

526. Canal Zone postal service.

527. To provide for establishment of customs service in Canal Zone.

528. Keeping and impounding domestic animals in Canal Zone.

529. Transportation of liquors under seal through Canal Zone.

530. Privileges, rules, and regulations for Canal Zone.

531. Amend penal code of Canal Zone.

532. To amend code of criminal procedure for Canal Zone.

533. To provide new code of civil procedure for Canal Zone.

534. Civil code for Canal Zone.

535. Amend sec. 7-9 of Panama Canal act relating to courts in Canal Zone.

537. Payment of gratuity to dependents of deceased officers of Navy, etc.

544. Public lands for use of Eastern New Mexico Normal School.

545. Amend act for creation, etc., of Naval Reserve and Marine Corps Reserve.

546. Number of enlisted air pilots in Navy and Marine Corps.

548. Regulate distribution, etc., of commissioned officers of Marine Corps.

549. Supplies for Post Office Department.

550. Panama Canal Zone and Republic of Panama boundary line.

551. Authorizing right of way to Georgia State Highway Department.

577. Provide for better administration of justice in Navy.

578. Authorize compacts between States rel. to witnesses in criminal cases.

579. Temporary relief of water users on irrigation projects.

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582. Increasing passport fees.

583. Participation by United States in Interparliamentary Union.

584. Cooperation of Federal Government for relieving unemployment.

585. Correct spelling of name of island of Porto Rico.

587. Protection of Palo Verde Valley, Calif.

588. Sale of writings of George Wa ington.

593. Establishment of Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park.

598. Establishment of agricultural-credit corporations.

599. Amend sec. 106 of laws relating to judiciary rel. to South Dakota.

604. Marker for graves of Confederate soldiers at La Fayette, Ga.

605. Treasury and Post Office Departments appropriation bill, 1933.

607. Improve facilities of Federal reserve system.

608. Bridge across Missouri River at or near Arrow Rock, Mo.

609. Bridge across Missouri River at or near St. Charles, Mo.

610. Bridge across Rock River at or near Prophetstown, Ill.

611. Bridge across Mahoning River at New Castle, Pa.

612. Bridge across St. Lawrence River near Alexandria Bay, N. Y.

613. Bridge across Mississippi River at Bettendorf, Iowa.

614. Bridge across St. Francis River at or near Madison, Ark.

615. Bridge across St. Francis River at or near Lake City, Ark.

616. Bridge across Mississippi River at Grand Rapids, Minn.

617. Bridge across San Francisco Bay from San Francisco to Oakland.

618. Emergency highway construction.

622. Requiring bonds to insure departure of certain aliens.

627. Amend judicial code by adding section rel. to declaratory judgments.

633. Fixing commencement of terms of President, Vice President, etc.

639. Sale of unused Indian cemetery reserves in Wichita Indian Reservation.

641. Construction of roads in national parks.

643. Silver service of gunboat Marietta for Campus Martius Memorial Museum.

646. Navy Band at convention of Veterans of Foreign Wars, Sacramento, Calif.

647. Marine Band at Confederate Veterans' reunion, Richmond, Va.

648. Silver service to Alabama Society of Fine Arts.

649. Medal of Honor for Richmond Pearson Hobson.

651. Distinguished Flying Cross for Russell N. Boardman and John L. Polando.

653. Navy Band at United Spanish War Veterans' convention at Milwaukee, Wis.

655. Concurrent police jurisdiction over Blackfeet highway in Montana.

656. Temporary relief of water users on irrigation projects.

657. Distribution of Government-owned wheat for relief purposes.

659. Independent offices appropriation bill, 1933.

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