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1 sary for immediately providing assistance under this section,



2 such appropriations to be reimbursed from the appropriations 3 authorized by this subsection when made.

"(c) No payment may be made to any local educational agency under subsection (a) except upon application there6 for which is submitted through the appropriate State educa7 tional agency and is filed with the Commissioner in accord8

ance with regulations prescribed by him, and which meets 9 the requirements of section 6 (b) (1). In determining the 10 order in which such applications shall be approved, the Com-. 11 missioner shall consider the relative educational and financial 12 needs of the local educational agencies which have sub13 mitted approvable applications. No payment may be made 14 under subsection (a) unless the Commissioner finds, after 15 consultation with the State and local educational agencies, 16 that the project or projects with respect to which it is inade 17

are not inconsistent with overall State plans for the con18 struction of school facilities. All determinations made by the 19 Commissioner under this section shall be made only after 20 consultation with the appropriate State educational agency

21 and the local educational agency.


“(d) Amounts paid by the Commissioner to local edu23 cational agencies under subsection (a) may be paid in ad24

vance or by way of reimbursement and in such installments 25

as the Commissioner may determine. Any funds paid to


1 a local educational agency and not expended or otherwise 2 used for the purposes for which paid shall be repaid to the 3 Treasury of the United States. 4 “(e) None of the provisions of sections 1 to 10, both in5 clusive, other than section 6 (b) (1), shall apply with re

6 spect to this section."

7 SEC. 2. The Act of September 30, 1950, as amended 8 (20 U.S.C. 236-244), is amended by inserting, imme9 diately after section 9 of that Act, the following new section:





"SEC. 10. (a) If the Commissioner determines with re

13 spect to any local educational agency that14

“(1) (A) such agency is located in whole or in 15 part within an area which has suffered a major disaster 16 as a result of any flood, drought, fire, hurricane, earth17 quake, storm, or other catastrophe which, in the deter


mination of the President pursuant to section 2 (a) of


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the Act of September 30, 1950 (42 U.S.C. 1855a (a)), is or threatens to be of sufficient severity and magnitude



to warrant disaster assistance by the Federal Govern

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“(B) the Governor of the State in which such agency is located has certified the need for disaster




assistance under this section, and has given assurance of


expenditure of a reasonable amount of the funds of the


government of such State, or of any political subdivision


thereof, for the same or similar purposes with respect to



such catastrophe; and

“(2) such agency is making a reasonable tax effort and is exercising due diligence in availing itself of State and other financial assistance, but as a result of such




major disaster it is unable to secure sufficient funds to


meet the cost of providing free public education for the 11 children attending the schools of such agency, 12 he may provide to such agency the additional assistance 13

necessary to provide free public education to the children 14 attending the schools of such agency, upon such terms and 15 in such amounts (subject to the provisions of this section)

as the Commissioner may consider to be in the public interest. 17 Such additional assistance may be provided for a period not 18 greater than a five fiscal year period beginning with the 19 fiscal year in which the President has determined that such 20 area suffered a major disaster. The amount so provided 21 for any fiscal year shall not exceed the amount which the 22 Commissioner determines to be necessary to enable such


23 agency, with the State, local, and other Federal funds avail

24 able to it for such purpose, to provide a level of education 25 equivalent to that maintained in the schools of such agency


1 during the last full fiscal year prior to the occurrence of such 2 major disaster. The amount, if any, so provided for the 3 second, third, and fourth fiscal years following the fiscal year

4 in which the President determined that such area has suf

5 fered a major disaster shall not exceed 75 per centum, 50 6

per centum, and 25 per centum, respectively, of the amount 7

50 provided for the first fiscal year following such determi

8 nation.


“(b) In addition to and apart from the funds provided 10 under subsection (a), the Commissioner is authorized to


provide to such agency an amount which he determines



to be necessary to replace instructional and maintenance 13 supplies, equipment, and materials (including textbooks)

destroyed or seriously damaged as a result of such major 15 disaster, and to lease or otherwise provide (other than by 16

acquisition of land or erection of facilities) school and cafe17 teria facilities needed to replace temporarily such facilities 18 - which have been made unavailable as a result of the major

19 disaster.


"(c) There is hereby authorized to be appropriated 21 for each fiscal year such amounts as may be necessary to

carry out the provisions of this section. Pending such appro23

priation, the Commissioner may expend from any funds heretofore or hereafter appropriated for expenditure in ac



cordance with other sections of this Act, such sums as may

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Washington, D.C., August 13, 196 Hon. Lustin Hirts,

*****, City Master on Labor and Public Welfare, Pis Str, W xodimere, 1).('.

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