The Metropolitan, Volumul 49

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James Cochrane, 1847
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Pagina 450 - The intelligible forms of ancient poets, The fair humanities of old religion, The power, the beauty, and the majesty, That had their haunts in dale or piny mountain, Or forest, by slow stream, or pebbly spring, Or chasms and watery depths ; all these have vanished. They live no longer in the faith of reason...
Pagina 61 - From his cradle, He was a scholar, and a ripe, and good one; Exceeding wise, fair spoken, and persuading : Lofty, and sour, to them that lov'd him not; But, to those men that sought him, sweet as summer.
Pagina 123 - Because I have called, and ye refused; I have stretched out my hand, and no man regarded; 25. But ye have set at nought all my counsel, and would none of my reproof: 26.
Pagina 350 - ... and welfare of each other by a reciprocal interchange of good offices ; yet, with regard to government and internal economy, every individual church considered itself as an independent community, none of them ever looking, in these respects, beyond the circle of its own members for assistance, or recognizing any sort of external influence or authority.
Pagina 452 - Nor brought too long a day ; But now, I often wish the night Had borne my breath away.
Pagina 319 - After a painful struggle I yielded to my fate; I sighed as a lover, I obeyed as a son; my wound was insensibly healed by time, absence, and the habits of a new life.
Pagina 421 - Poetry is itself a thing of God; He made His prophets poets; and the more We feel of poesie do we become Like God in love and power, — under-makers.
Pagina 391 - Like a poet hidden, In the light of thought, Singing hymns unbidden, Till the world is wrought To sympathy with hopes and fears it heeded not...
Pagina 32 - The sides of the mountains were covered with trees; the banks of the brooks were diversified with flowers; every blast shook spices from the rocks and every month dropped fruits upon the ground.
Pagina 61 - And though he were unsatisfied in getting, — Which was a sin,- — yet in bestowing, madam, He was most princely. Ever witness for him Those twins of learning, that he...

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