Assessing the New Political Trends, Dublin, 1976: Report on the Ninth Meeting of Members of Congress and of the European Parliament, April 21-23, 1976, Pursuant to H. Res. 1062 Authorizing the Committee on International Relations to Conduct Thorough Studies and Investigations of All Matters Coming Within the Jurisdiction of the Committee

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1976 - 86 pagini

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Pagina 71 - Member countries should, consistent with their needs to maintain public order, to protect their essential security interests and to fulfil commitments relating to international peace and security, accord to enterprises operating in their territories and owned or controlled directly or indirectly by nationals of another Member country...
Pagina 73 - In particular, give due consideration to those countries' aims and priorities with regard to economic and social progress, including industrial and regional development, the protection of the environment and consumer interests, the creation of employment opportunities, the promotion of innovation and the transfer of technology (l); 3.
Pagina 75 - ... refrain from making use of the particular facilities available to them, such as transfer pricing which does not conform to an arm's length standard, for modifying in ways contrary to national laws the tax base on which members of the group are assessed.
Pagina 72 - On the other hand, the advances made by multinational enterprises in organizing their operations beyond the national framework may lead to abuse of concentrations of economic power and to conflicts with national policy objectives and with the interest of the workers.
Pagina 71 - That co-operation by Member countries can improve the foreign investment climate, encourage the positive contribution which multinational enterprises can make to economic and social progress, and minimise and resolve difficulties which may arise from their various operations...
Pagina 71 - Member countries stated, inter alia, that "international investment has assumed increased importance in the world economy and has considerably contributed to the development of their countries"; that "multinational enterprises play an important role in this investment process...
Pagina 72 - III. 1. that they recognise the need to strengthen their co-operation in the field of international direct investment; 2. that they thus recognise the need to give due weight to the interests of Member countries affected by specific laws, regulations and administrative practices in this field (hereinafter called "measures") providing official incentives and disincentives to international direct investment; 3.
Pagina 75 - ... observe standards of employment and industrial relations not less favourable than those observed by comparable employers in the host country; (5) in their operations, to the greatest extent practicable, utilise, train and prepare for upgrading members of the local labour force in co-operation with representatives of their employees and, where appropriate, the relevant governmental authorities; (6) in considering changes in their operations which would have major effects upon the livelihood of...
Pagina 73 - These usually comprise companies or other entities established in more than one country and so linked that they may co-ordinate their operations in various ways. While one or more of these entities may be able to exercise a significant influence over the activities of others, their degree of autonomy within the enterprise may vary widely from one multinational enterprise to another.
Pagina 73 - enterprise" as used in these guidelines refers to these various entities in accordance with their responsibilities. 9. The guidelines are not aimed at introducing differences of treatment between multinational and domestic enterprises; wherever relevant they reflect good practice for all. Accordingly, multinational and domestic enterprises are subject to the same expectations in respect of their conduct wherever the guidelines are relevant to both. 10. The use of appropriate international dispute...

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